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Friday, October 25, 2013

Must Reading: That Building Across From the Pop-Up Halloween Store That Used to Be HSBC

Montrose Morris, as brilliant as ever, on a building I'd always noticed looked neat but never took the time to examine closely. At 818 Flatbush.

And how 'bout that Pop-Up Halloween store right across the street, where the HSBC bank used to was? Kids love it! And the prices daughter's Dorothy costume is made of a material not much more durable than tissue paper. And the dang dog in a basket came separately! And no ruby slippers! How can you call it a Dorothy costume without Ruby Slippers? That's like a hot fudge sundae with ice cream sold separately. I know I know we live in Brooklyndia, we're supposed to hand-create our costumes out of hemp cloth and radical creativity. Y'all knock yourself out, I'm going to Ghouls and Gourds with plastic and polyester and I'm getting a good night's sleep thank you.

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