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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Be a Tree Guardian Angel - Sunday November 17

It's true folks. The Parkside Committee has been given word that the promised Trees of Parkside will be here in time for a Thanksgiving miracle. And the committee has been busy preparing for the big day, even securing a commitment from Pioneer grocery to water the trees as they take root. Thank you Hector and his uncle!

A note from the Parkside Flora Ministree:

Lend Your Muscle to Parkside! Sunday, Nov. 17 at Noon So. Does anyone think that Parkside Avenue is an ideal avenue, or that the Parkside subway station is an ideal introduction to our neighborhood? No and no. But is there any plan to make them better, and can you help? Yes and yes! Let's recap: In the spring of 2012 there was a design contest, to re-imagine the block.

Winners Announced in Parkside Prize

In the spring of 2013, CB9 approved a final plan.

Makeover time for Q plaza.

And now, in fall 2013, we are breaking ground. Sometime in the next few days, the Department of Parks and Rec is telling us, the first five trees will arrive on Parkside, right where they are most sorely needed, in front of Pioneer. The folks on the Parkside Committee are working to make sure that these five trees do better than the two poor ones in front of Popeyes. They've secured a commitment from Pioneer to water the trees. They've secured 250 daffodil bulbs to plant around the trees. They've even bought the timber to build the guards that will protect these trees. But they need your help putting the daffodils in the ground, and putting the tree guards in! So come on out. Bring your muscles and your gloves. Bring your enthusiasm. Bring your kids. When: Sunday, Nov. 17 at Noon Where: Parkside @ Pioneer Supermarket Who: You, your kids, your neighbors. What: Daffodil planting, tree guard construction, general merriment.

1 comment:

Rudy on Winthrop said...

Everyone is invited! Rain or shine, we'll be out there on the 17th.

And please, next time you're at Pioneer, tell the cashier, "Thank you for watering the new trees."