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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Must to Read

The guys with big smiles and dapper suits have certainly taken notice. The "trades" write about us all the time. Here's a general interest piece on recent apartment developments in Lefferts, and I can think of at least a half dozen more lots that are heading that way...of course, your definition of what is YOUR neighborhood might differ, but as we know nabes grow and contract with their desirability.

Brooklyn Eagle Piece on Lefferts Developments


Alex said...

Strange that there's been little to no mention of the Caledonian development for really long time, and it's not mentioned on this article. Anyone have any idea when they'll be done, and if it's going to be condos, rentals, or both?

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure the empty lot at 329 Lincoln Rd bet Rogers and Nostrand is where they are almost finished with building a Covenant House apt building so it's not a typical market rate apt building. The only developments of note at this time are the two that have been discussed most on this blog, Lincoln Rd at Flatbush and the 626 Flatbush. Those may be the only two nicer new buildings ever. There are no remaining empty lots or nonresidential buildings left to develop along Flatbush in PLG. Empire will never have new condo and apt buildings because once downzoning goes through the buildings wouldn't be tall enough for park and garden views and then developers simply wouldn't bother. The most we could hope for on Empire would be better groceries for the neighborhood, like dare we hope, a Trader Joe's.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Actually there are lots of lots to develop. How bout the long vacant shell of a building up near Rutland? And any building could be bought and torn down, and depending on the lot would be able to build 10-12 stories even with downzoning, due to being able to set back from the road. Fine by me.

Empire is currently zoned commercial. That means without rezoning you're not going to get housing of any kind. And with the right offer, you could buy out one of the current businesses. There are plenty of "taxpayer" buildings along there to snap up.

There's even the space next to Flatbush trees that currently has a parking lot and medical center.

Finally, there many many lots slated for development through out the CB. On my street alone, three houses are being demolished and an entire big apartment building gone condo. Plus the most notorious slumlord on the block has openly stated he's sick of all the trouble, and wants to start renting to white people only.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Oh, and the Spice Factory? HUGE lot. That could be your next 23-story building...even a complex of them.

Anonymous said...

Seems fast food chain places never give up their profitable locations, look at the very well located McD's on 4th ave in Park Slope hanging in there all these years as condos go up around it. Those Empire locations are really profitable.

Anonymous said...

that spice factory lot is enormous. And it's already zoned residential. ANy idea who owns it, and why it's sat derelict for so long?

I do love the spice smell walking by there. Fenugreek, I think.

Mom on Winthrop said...

Anon 2:24,

McD's lot on 4th ave has been sold to build condos. I guess anything can go for the right (more profitable) price.

Article about the development:

babs said...

That's Providence House, not Covenant House, and the Maurice J. Golombeck spice company is very much a going concern - they even have a website: I love the smell of the spices - long may they thrive!

But to me the big news is Jim Mamary's application for a liquor license at 504 Flatbush Ave., for a restaurant to be called DJ Oyster. What's that about? Is this instead of or in addition to LPT? Definitely want to go to that Community Board Meeting on November 19!

babs said...

And I get cumin and chile, but if you say fenugreek I won't argue.

babs said...

BTW, 504 Flatbush Ave looks to be that co-op design store. I would be sorry to see them go - much prefer that the illegal social club/gambling den next door go away.

Anonymous said...

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cheryl on parkside ave said...

Babs, 506 is co-op design store. 504 is the club.

babs said...

Thank you Cheryl - that's a relief!

Anonymous said...

McD's just moved to 4th ave bet 4th and 5th streets. It never really went away. But maybe Wendy's could be convinced to similarly move further down Empire.