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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rendering Us Speechless -- and a Bonus

Now from Mike Cetera's Pro Bono Design comes this:

What child wouldn't love to play with THOSE blocks? I love how the houses between Fenimore and Hawthorne look like pocket lighters stacked side to side. I think I see the old Monk's Trunk in there! And Charles, is that you sunbathing?

Then the irreverent Paul G. comes back, adding some Patio Gardens:

 and the recently permitted plans for a Japanese folk art exhibit:

I think Paul's point is well-taken. If you're going to create a drawing to show the lopsided scale of 626, you need to include Patio Gardens for reference. Though it's clear to me as I rode around the park grounds yesterday that PG is nicely placed to avoid too much sky snarl. It's not nearly as upsetting to the rurality as, say, Tivoli Gardens. Ebbets? The whole lot of them were misguided if you ask me, but they're people's homes and they exist. 626, as I like to remind people, is still to be built.

Have they created invisible building cloaking materials yet? Seems like about time...NASA's budget has been slashed to the point NONE of us will be getting jet packs in this lifetime.

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Fixed that for ya:,yveKt52#1

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