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Friday, November 8, 2013

State Turns Over Our Armory To the City

In a move that brings us one step closer to having a giant indoor space all our own (and by "our" I mean Community District 9). The Daily News reports that the big ol' building on Bedford near Eastern Parkway is now open for bids from developers. If it is in fact turned to a community center, a lot of City and State dollars will be needed. Since CB9 does not have paid lobbyists, we'll have to make sure as a community that we lobby for the right sort of building with the right sort of amenities. The idea of basketball courts is strong of course, but the Q would like to see holistic services for young people and young adults, in a manner consistent with what, say, The Door does. In fact, I would love to find out what The Door is up to these days, seeing as Crown Heights could be a great location for the SoHo based center. I encourage you to see the kind of organization that the Door is, and imagine the possibilities. And home for a senior center. And an arts group, with theater and computer labs and recording studios. Because it's not just the one big space; there are cool rooms all over the complex. Whooopeeee!

Kevin P Coughlin

And yes, Lefferts, it's super close to you! Just walk or ride up Bedford past the Ebbets houses and you'll see for yourself. What an enormous opportunity.

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