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Friday, November 22, 2013

Help Wanted: Person to Run Friday Farmer's Market at Q Plaza

I'll be honest, we need a superstar. Someone who can bring Pizazz and Pizza to the Piazza at Parkside. Maybe not pizza, but certainly fresh items that could potentially be placed ON a pizza. What is it? I'll give you a hint:

The actress pictured is Frances FARMER
Think that's silly? Think a little harder. Still silly? Yes, quite. But how 'bout NOW? Yes, still very silly. And yet...

A Farmers Market, or Farmer's Market, or Farmers' Market (I've seen it all three ways) is being negotiated with venerable do-gooders Seeds In the Middle, an organization dedicated to bringing healthy food and healthy living through learning and soccer to Central Brooklyn and beyond. But...we need someone who will be dedicated to the project at least for the coming year while we get it off the ground. Experience in shopping and eating a plus. Must be a good organizer and be able to work with a diverse cast of characters. The famer's market will need to take food stamps, now EBT, so we'll need some sophistication on that end, but it's fairly easy to learn. An interest in the needs of young people a double-plus. And a desire to work hard for little compensation a triple-plus. Remember, we're just trying to get things off the ground here!

So...who has a flexible schedule and a desire to make a huge difference in our community? We will do our best to raise money and work with the business side to find modest compensation eventually.

(Would a CSA like to talk about partnering? Would the fledgling food coop want to sell wares and build membership? Hmmm. The possibilities are endless...)

Email me here!

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