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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bob Marvin's Photos At Tugboat

As long as Bob's the one shooting, the Q's got no reason to duck. In fact, I'm durn well tickled to tell you 'bout his pitchers hangin' at the Tugboat, with a shindig happening this coming Thursday the 14th from 6-9 pm. They're already on display, through to two nights before Pearl Harbor Day. In a manner analogous to a writer blogging in calligraphy, he spends hours meticulously developing his creations.

A description:

All of the 16 X 20 prints in this show are being exhibited for the first time and are images Bob has made in the past year in Brooklyn and southern Vermont. They emphasize form and texture in details of the landscape that might otherwise be overlooked. Bob uses traditional analog techniques for his landscape photography: mechanical cameras, mainly a Rolleiflex that has been his companion since his college days, medium format black and white film, and fiber-base silver gelatin photographic paper. He’s printed them all in his own darkroom.

You've read his wonderful comments. Now go see, and perhaps purchase, his wonderful pictures.


Anonymous said...

"Bill de Blasio faces big test in picking next schools chancellor
The mayor-elect’s appointment to lead New York City’s schools will be highly scrutinized and risky, as it will signal his direction for the education of the city's 1.1 million students.

The DeBlasio Era begins. And it looks like it will start with total appeasement of the Teachers Union. The first of many threats to the city's budget.

Read more:

Bob Marvin said...

My god–Anon. 9:09's pithy comment has managed to capture the very essence of my art; thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

Your photo of the exposed tree roots seems prescient. If it were possible to x-ray the DeBlasio administration, the resulting image would resemble your photo.

anon 9:09

Bob Marvin said...

Anon. 9:09,

Viewers often interpret art in a way that says more about their own psyche than the intention of the maker. At the risk of seeming somewhat churlish towards someone who describes one of my pieces as "prescient", I'm afraid their might be a bit of psychopathology at play here. But, what do I know, I'm a photographer, not a psychologist :-)

jeffrey said...

Like roaches on a kitchen counter, trolls are becoming more of an occurrence here.

First, it was the grammatically challenged troll for Matheiu Eugene and now it's another troll showing the same characteristics of the aforementioned troll who will probably entertain us with his or her comments reminding us how terrible a mayor De Blasio will be for the city and how graffiti covered trains and 2,000+ murders are all coming back with vengeance!

I'll will be enjoying this.

Anonymous said...

Unless these are photographs of behind the scenes shots of Rihanna's latest world tour, good luck. This neighborhood is so pathetic!!

The Snob said...

I love the "this neighborhood is so pathetic!" troll. I am going to set up a Cafe Press account. Do you guys want mugs or T-shirts?

Anonymous said...

Move out!

Kimplicated said...

Mug, please! Can it also have the Olympic-caliber troll comment from a week ago: "Universal pre-K? Corruption in the making." And we can put one of Bob's (lovely!) photos on the other side to remind us that every time a beautiful thing hits the internet, a troll gets his wings. Bob, what are your licensing fees? :^)

Bob Marvin said...


I'd waive my licensing fees for such a civic-minded enterprise, but a contribution to PLG Arts would still be appropriate. Please put me down for a t-shirt (in B&W, or course).

BTW everyone, including the "Olympic-caliber troll" is invited to see my work at Tugboat, which really is totally apolitical.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, welcome our new Olympian overlords.