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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Traffic Update

I texted Vinnie this morning and told him the nabe was in an uproar. He just texted me back and said that they've called for traffic agents.


JMB said...

THAT'S what needs to be done! Without signs, people don't know what they should do.

It seems premature to blame the gridlock on the new traffic pattern when no one is actually following the new traffic pattern.

bossy rossy said...

JMB my point exactly however when I voiced the same I was attacked as an aggressive driver that wanted to "gun it". I don’t mind the new traffic patterns or bus lanes. I however hate drivers that refuse to adhere to traffic rules.

diak said...

What exactly are "traffic agents"? Is that someone with a whistle and a neon vest pointing and waving at cars? With all the enforcement power of a school crossing guard?
Oh I'm sure that will really strike fear into the hearts of dollar van operators and other aggressive drivers...

Or is it someone with the actual authority to act against criminal behavior?

Alex said...

The bigger when is WHEN will those agents arrive? Furthermore, I saw a car from the 71st head toward Flatbush, took a look at the crazy traffic tonight, and did a three point turn right out of there and leave the scene. Unreal.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

By 7:30 drivers had stopped blocking the box. And the traffic was moving.

They have traffic agents at Atlantic and Flatbush. We need those at Lincoln and at Parkside. Works like a charm.

And the people turning left onto Washington from Lincoln have to be stopped. That's a huge problem right there. When I rode by at 5, there were five or six cars obstinately sitting in the middle of Flatbush with nowhere to go. Just singing at the top of his lungs like nothing was wrong.

Where exactly do they think they're going anyway? The more obvious path is up Ocean to Empire. Seriously, they must have gotten into a bad habit of shaving a few seconds off their drive by cutting over and up Washington. more, or at least no more when they finally get the signs up and start enforcing.

bossy rossy said...

Tuesday night’s commute was horrendous. It took me an hour to get from 7th AVE and Flatbush to Fenimore and Flatbush. Not only is it dangerous for motorist it is even more dangerous for pedestrians trying to navigate the crosswalks which are now totally gridlocked with traffic. Lefferts was rendered a one way. It simply was a nightmare. Bedford and Franklin are no better. Who should we call? Who can we call? I will post this in my co-op and my daughter’s day care. It took less time to get from the Bronx to Brooklyn than Grand Army Plaza home.

bossy rossy said...

oh forgot to mention a bus and a van were in an accident on Lincoln and Flatbush.

Alex said...

I just spoke to an officer at the 71st. Frankly, it was like the twilight zone. He acted or was legitimately unaware of the traffic problem. He said that their traffic safety officer would get back to me.

A public hearing (not an informal community meeting) is a must on their inaction - I am DONE with accepting excuses and poor performance from the 71st.