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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wow - Polling Place Not Open Til Two Hours After Voting To Start

The Q just got word that the polling place at the Flatbush Library (22 Linden) was not only not ready for business at 7am, but it wasn't ready for a two full hours after. Seems someone didn't bother to open the building.

The incompetence is astounding. The address of the person who alerted me was from 373 Ocean.

Outrageous. This isn't a sport or a "meetup." This is the foundation of the whole dang country, state, city and judicial system we're talking. Disenfranchising citizens should be one of the highest crimes imaginable.

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Anonymous said...

Yup, we reported it. Crazy. I hope lots of people reported it. And, no offense to some poll workers, but it would be nice if the ones I dealt with were more competent, you know, with such things as finding my address to figure my district for me or knowing the alphabet to find my name. One lady almost sent me to a different polling place cos she misread the book with the district info. I ended up texting my husband for the info. He voted earlier in the day. It took him 3 tries to vote because the polling place wasn't open.