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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Caton Market - Reality Finally Sinking In

A few too many years later, folks have started realizing the obvious: the brilliant idea that was Caton Market has failed. By bringing the outdoor vendors indoors, the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce, who championed the project with former councilperson Una Clarke, they actually killed the excitement of an Constantinople-style marketplace. Not that outdoor markets are particularly easy on merchants, given the weather and such, but customers trump no customers any day. And hey, on rainy days or freezing days you get to sleep in.

Great article and pictures in The Daily News.

Todd Maisel, Daily News


Anonymous said...

We stop and look at the merchants who are outside the market when we walk by but only once years ago have gone inside. We got some amazing, delicious baked goods and sweet tea at a booth, I think her name is Minnie? We'll seek her out again.

Anonymous said...

Minnie (if that's her name) had her booth outside the market this last weekend. I didn't make that clear.