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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

First Shots of Photoshop War For 626

Paul G. comes through big with his own self-described "crappy" re-rendering of a "crappy" rendering of 626 Flatbush, this time with Patio Gardens left in for good measure.


Anonymous said...

Took great restraint not to add a godzilla to this.

-Paul G.

JDB said...

The sky in this rendering is pretty ominous. I may have to retract my support for the project.

Anonymous said...

Godzilla was the original gentrifier.

Anonymous said...

You can also see some of the prewar buildings along Ocean from this part of the park, in contrast with what the drawing from the 626 opponents shows. I know this for certain because I actually look for some particular prewar bldgs when I'm checking to make sure I'm walking in the right direction through the park.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Yes, yes. You can see them when you're in the right spot. Hardly a big deal. I rode around deep inside the park yesterday afternoon, and you can definitely see Patio from some angles, but mostly not. Also the similarly tall building on Parkside (quite the eyesore if you ask me). Interestingly, Richard Meier's building is not that obtrusive at, what is it, 8 stories? 10? Maybe he was forced to make it shorter, I don't know the story. But that's a very different district with very different leadership.

Big buildings are not at all what Olm and Vaux had in mind - they specifically wanted BOTH NYC parks to give you a rural sense unencumbered by buildings. But that was a long time ago, and now one of the most iconic of NYC views is the Manhattan skyline from Central Park.

It's a matter of taste I suppose. I still have no idea why we would allow our side of the park to be a hodge-podge of tall buildings, when it's clear from other buildings, including those up by Grand Army Plaza on the PPW side, that 10-12 stories is plenty.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has felt the burn running up the East Drive to Grand Army Plaza knows it is at the top of a big hill so in relation to the grade here that Meier building is visually much higher than 10-12 stories. Just pointing that out.