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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Here She Goes Again...

if you're tired of this never-ending saga, i ask that you consider checking out the previous post, which is a lot more fun.

Sometimes, Alicia outdoes even herself. Our neighborhood's resident instigator Ms. Boyd is now taking on PLGNA (Prospect Lefferts Gardens Neighborhood Association) and their nefarious MLK Day celebration, a longtime tradition for those of you who live, Prospect Lefferts Gardens. I believe Ms. Boyd has forgotten that she too lives in Lefferts Gardens, on Sterling Street. As do all her neighbors. As do most of the people she claims to be protecting from (gasp) affordable housing. She seems to have confused her neighborhood associations, which is fair, because she really doesn't know much about the neighborhood she's trying so hard to protect. Let me explain, Ms. Boyd. PLeGNA. LMA. Two different things, and hardly at odds. Plus, laying into Diana Richardson? you have any idea who you're swinging at? Put on the goggles folks, it's gonna get messy.

Now I know that nearly ALL of you in so-called PLG are white and wealthy, so let's just have a little conversation, you and me. I'll speak white so you can understand what I'm saying. Enunciating clearly now! Here we go...

MLK ended the worst abuses of brutality and disenfranchisement in the South. He did it with brains, carefully assembled coalitions and the extraordinary bravery of citizens who would rather be beaten or killed than withstand another moment of a dehumanizing de facto apartheid. Is that worth celebrating as a neighborhood that continues to cherish its history and its racial, religious and ethnic diversity? Damn straight. You go PLGNA, you miserable racist rascals you! Can you give government money directly to a church for an MLK celebration? Nope. Though you can give it to specific programs run by churches that serve specific populations, say the homeless or elderly, provided you're open to all comers regardless of race or religion. Alicia talks about looking for organizations and non-profits "run" or "owned" by black folks. For the record, PLGNA has a racially mixed board. So does Lefferts Manor Association, the group she's confused PLGNA with. And no one "owns" a non-profit anyway. These are mere dastardly details however. From someone who claims "the devil is in the details," well, there you go. 

And with that, I give you the latest from Alicia Boyd, and MTOPP. Trust me, I'd ignore her, but she seems to be getting everything she wants these days. And with this kind of rhetoric:
Dear Neighbor
Why would a Black Local Politician
give money to the wealthiest whitest community in our district
to create  Martin Luther King children’s performances
in three Black Churches?
Our community is comprised of over 200,000 people
70% of those people are Black and have the average income
of $40,000.
There is however a group of homeowners who live in
Prospect Park Lefferts Garden, who’s average income
maybe topping at $200,000, according to their newsletter just published
and who describe the “Fruits of Gentrification” as having produced
whiter, wealthier younger population and at the same time has driven out
more than 2,000 people of color.
So why would our Politician then give to this very wealthy group
that comprised of less than 1% of the entire population
money to do a Black celebration in honor of Martin Luther King!
Is it that she couldn’t find any other black churches,
organization or non-profits run and owned by black people to do these performances? 
Is there a scarcity of educated and involved
black community residents, churches that could have used this money
and created a performance that is about the Black struggle.
Could this happen in a Jewish community? 
Would a local political give money to a non-Jewish group
and ask them to have performances
in synagogues representing the Jewish struggle?
Of course not!  So why is she doing it?
Well that is simple
Assemblywoman Dianna Richardson wants
to hide the fact that she is giving money to the 1% in our community,
$8,000 so that they can forge ahead
with a study that will get our community up zoned,
under the pretense of “providing” affordable housing.
And who want to do a “study” about what happens
when you put sky rise development
in poor and moderate income communities!
Do we really need a study to tell us what will happen?
As if we can’t see that for ourselves!
But we know the truth, a rezoning will get us Williamsburg
on steroids!  As the 1% continues to describe “gentrification”
as a “fruit”!
But she doesn’t want to put that on record,
so her and other elected officials decided to hide their deceit
by giving them money to perform Black Community services!
So instead of her budget saying “Study” it will say “Education”!
We Know Assemblywoman Dianna Richardson is Pro Development!
We have not forgotten she was a
Executive Board member of CB9  last year,
when all that illegal stuff was being done
and which has amounted to Pearl Miles, District Manger being removed
and 85% of the board, including herself resigning!
Dianna Richardson had talked to us about
compromising with the developers
and allowing them to build against Sullivan Place homes
that would block out their sun,
so that they wouldn’t build against Sterling St.
Is that called Divide and Conquer!
Dianna Richardson talked about
not supporting any study that City Planning doesn’t’ support!
Do you see any other community supporting City Planning!!!
Well how about us not supporting her!
We will be sending around a email, please take the time
to clink on it and send Dianna Richardson a message.
Remind her that election time is coming up for her again
and we will not forgot her actions!!!
And neither will her opponents!!!
Stop taking money from the Poor and Giving to the Rich!
How dare she in a predominately moderate income Black Community
choose to give money to a white upper middle-class group
to do Martin Luther King Performances in Black Churches!
Tell her to give this money to a Black organization.
And to stop supporting the rezoning of our community!


Carmen said...

Goggles and popcorn. Check!

Seriously though, we DO need to have a talk. We, the members of this community, are essentially still being held hostage by a handful of people who are so far removed from reality, they're off in a different galaxy. So let's say we all turn our support over to MTOPP. Then what? What's the plan, man?

Or how about this. How about we all put our grown-up undies on TOGETHER. Guess what, compromise is part of working together. And guess what again, compromise goes both ways.

Reality is a tough pill to swallow, so grab a tall cup. Reality is that like or not our neighborhood is quickly changing and will continue to change. So we, as members of this community, bear the responsibility of working together to maintain and support those things that make PLG the unique, diverse place we call home.

Moving down the line to ID the next enemy on the list achieves nothing. But I suppose if you have nothing to do all day it could suffice as a form of entertainment.

Anonymous said...

unrelated to this post! - what is the deal with the sweet black and white kitty hanging out on clarkson? does s/he have a home? such a sweet little guy. winter is coming!

Clarkson FlatBed said...

awesomely put, carmen.

Here's the problem. MTOPP is torn by two opposing positions, and it will be its undoing. On the one hand, it wants absolutely nothing to happen on Empire Blvd, lest it ruin the quiet aesthetic that, despite its complete dereliction and waste of real estate, has become part of the appeal for certain residents. You can't compromise on ANYthing, if that is your position. Nothing that gets built will satisfy you...perhaps a couple family owned bistros, some nice landscaping. Nothing more.

But in order to preserve that self-centered goal, MTOPP has chosen to make this a fight about race, class, income and City-State corruption. All well and good I suppose, if justice is truly your aim. But you run into a few knotty details. Like...why exactly CAN'T we build affordable housing on Empire Blvd AND protect our precious "way of life?" Why can't the City expect to meet some of its goals in return for infrastructure improvements - schools-roads-tranportation - and a more livable, walkable seamless Crown Heights/Lefferts continuum? And at the same time, can't we expect more from all the big D development and apartment buildings changing hands to the profit of a just a few folks and firms? And why does MTOPP lay so low on the real culprit of displacement - unscrupulous landlords and lack of organization among tenant groups?

The question of compromise is a good one. The City is willing to entertain such questions. I know. I've been at the table and I've watched it happen elsewhere. 20 years from now, some of our new neighbors might just be thanking us for the foresight and generosity of our civic and holistic heroics.

Alex said...

If only DNAInfo, VV, or some other publication would tell the real story behind MTOPP, but no. They publish AB's narrative of fighting oppression. Crock of sh*t.

Anonymous said...

How dare she send around an email that you need to clink on!

Unknown said...

Where's this newsletter touting the fruits of gentrification? Anyone seen it?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

It's subtle, but clearly anti-German. A reference to a certain Colonel...

Naomi said...

Unrelated post response re: cat - the sweet black kitty with the white tip on her tail is Tipper. She and her kittens were trapped by rescuer Marion on Lefferts Ave and the kittens were adopted out. Tipper was spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped and adopted to a home, but she was unhappy with four walls and it didn't work out. We at 40 Clarkson had great hopes she'd become our basement kitty - warmth, food, love, and more freedom than being in a home. She lasted a couple weeks before deciding it was more fun on the street. We keep a window open for her and hope she'll come inside when it gets cold. We even have a collar with ID tag that she refuses to wear. Hoping her luck continues with all the time she runs across the street. Feel free to contact me about her: (*not* gmail)

Curious27 said...

I see these and immediately want to throw my phone across the room. I was on board with it all once upon a time, before I knew the facts and before she showed us her true colors... How do her neighbors feel though? Really??

Curious27 said...

I bet she doesn't even use Command+B when she writes these emails!

Rebecca said...

If there are no claimers I will take in that sweet cat before the weather turns! My other cat won't like it but oh well.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Rebecca: You are AWESOME! Please, please take Tipper. She's super loving, and hey, if it doesn't work out, well, you tried. Just, you know, take her! And let us know how it goes.

Now, there's a gray tabby kitten (maybe 6 months?) that I'm very worried about. Been feeding her every day but she's not gaining any weight. And she spends a lot of time just lying there. Again, really wants a home. Perhaps she's recovering and will perk up?

Oh, cats. And there's more down the block. I've got six to take care of out in the yards behind our house. And winter is a-comin'

The other day a dog owner asked why I care so much about the cats. To which I wanted to say "they're lovely, noble creatures that you don't have to walk three or four times a day and pick up their wet poop and then they slobber all over you with their poop breath" but I figured it wasn't the time or place. Dogs, cats, gerbils, whatever. Obviously serving some deep emotional ding dong of some sort. Maybe if we could figure out what the ding dong is all about we could treat each other as kindly as the snugly wuglies widdle kittly-wittlies. So cute, so sad, so deeply deeply deep ding dong.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Alex: The newsletter in question is the LMA "Echo." The article is by a (gasp) black man named Milford Prewitt. The woman writing the screed writes lovingly of the "fruits of gentrification" on her Airbnb page. The mind reels.

Maybe she needs one of these cats to call her own. Maybe a baker's dozen.

GW said...

"Would a local political give money to a non-Jewish group and ask them to have performances
in synagogues representing the Jewish struggle?" That is a very good question that all of you are unwilling or afraid to answer.

As for you Alex, I suggest you be quiet. Just shut up and understand this: There is no real story on us. What you want is a hit piece on a group of people who are fighting against gentrification. What is your obsession with Alicia Boyd? Do you hate it when we fight against injustice? Do you want us to not assert ourselves? You guys are funny. You go ahead and drink your $9 lattes with your wool hats and wool scarves in 70 degree weather. You guys think you're look cool, when in reality, you look rather silly. We the people will do what we have to do to address the pillaging and the cultural dilution of black neighborhoods by greedy and corrupt politicians and their minions such as Qatparkside. I would kill to hear the conservations between Qatparkside and the developers of 626. Are they paying you every supportive post you write about them? I have never seen such a bigger cheerleader for gentrification than him. He practically creamed himself when he heard about 626. Tell me Q, was it your idea to have Alicia Boyd arrested? Was it your idea to bar her from meetings? You probably couldn't do anything other than waddle your fat ass to the police and cry victim.

On a much sadder note, I hear from my relatives that they are trying to make Oakland the next Brooklyn. As if the damage done to Brooklyn wasn't enough.

I literally had to throw up after reading this. The Times are very supportive when it comes to gentrification. And they are liberal, the worst kind of people to have ever be on the side of black and brown people. They are like your typical snake oil salesmen, selling people the idea that ignoring or removing black cultural institutions and black organizations. We make up a sizable portion of the neighborhood and we are being told we do not exist. This is done to promote neighborhood safety to mostly white college educated men and women who despite their love for certain black oriented cultural themes, still harbor subconscious racial biases against minorities and who bitch about city life as if the city should look and behave like the suburbs of Syracuse. We will not compromise on our goals to allow monied groups that have brought black and white politicians into pushing us out of our neighborhoods! NEVER! Q, you better deal with it because we are not going to go away. Diana Richardson is another crooked politician who doesn't want to be around us! Anyone but black.

Anonymous said...

Obviously this is a first draft. No one writes down their stream of consciousness then clinks send without a second or third read. Right?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

GW: My fat ass resembles that comment.

Anonymous said...

Naomi: thank you so much for your reply and for taking care of her. I saw her dart across the street the other day, so scary...

Yes I think I've seen the tabby too, hanging outside the single family homes. She seems really tiny and shy.

- Joana

Anonymous said...

Hey G.W. You don't know shit about shit. You're hateful, haven't done your homework, and claim that people know people they don't. This blog was one of the first places to read why we should be pissed about 626. Now that it's here, deal with it. We're all moving forward. Your stuck in the past.

Nobody, white black whatever, likes seeing people get booted from their homes. Nobody but a sick prick. These issues aren't all black and white like you want to make them. Do your reading, bro. Your listening to a nasty hypocrite and thinking she's got your back. She doesn't. She cares about her 2 million dollar house her garden and her views. She'll leave you behind as soon as she gets what she wants.

GW said...

Nothing else to say? That is what I figured.

Alex said...

Government has spent a ton of money on Holocaust memorials, telling the story of Jewish immigration to the US, and other aspects of what you might call the "Jewish struggle." All kinds of organizations have participated in remembrances and related programming. So, no, you're not representing the real story. You're representing AB's deceptive, poisonous narrative.

Anon above is right.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Who, me GW? You want a fight, I'm right here. Otherwise, you're spreading lies. I don't know Hudson Companies. In fact, I know exactly one guy who could conceivable be called a developer. He lives on my block. Our kids are friends. The subject never comes up.

The problem with people like you G, is that you don't question things enough. You accept what people tell you without investigation. Like your stupid assertion about Jewish people. You don't know the first thing about it, do you, what politicians can and can't do, and what they do and don't do? That's okay. You're getting your information from the Minister of Misinformation. I forgive you. Just broaden your sources a bit.

You also don't know that PLGNA is not LMA, and that PLGNA is not a white organization. It's been around way longer than you, fighting the fight for racial justice. Giving money to PLGNA to do an MLK celebration that they've done for years is totally appropriate. Giving it to a church, black or white, would be inappropriate. Go to the celebration. If you don't like it, come back and tell us about it and why. Use your critical reasoning skills for once. You're clearly smart. Use those brains. They come in handy.

Supporting local businesses is something I've done since I started writing. Black, white, whatever. I love mom and pops. There are a lot of black entrepreneurs who are investing in the neighborhood right now. I don't need to parse them out, because we don't need to look at it purely as a black thing. People have dreams, they put their hearts and souls into a business. They deserve our respect and patronage, unless of course the product is terrible. The only business I've every complained about is run by a white guy, but I still feel for him and trying to support his family. So I laid off.

What else would you like me to respond to? I don't like latte. I prefer just coffee thank you. And now in some places I have to order "drip" for regular ol' coffee. You know, I was at the local coffee house here in Ft. Greene and I couldn't help but notice how many people of all colors were ordering all manner of fancy drinks costing god knows how much. Another knock against your jaundiced eye, GW.

Suburbs of Syracuse? Don't know much about them. Wool hats and wool scarves? Huh? You're full of hate dude. Hate for hats. Fine. And you're right, a lot of gentrifiers do look silly. Particularly the flip-flops and shorts in cold weather. I doubt that's your major gripe though.

And here's where I know you're not paying attention. Most politicians either dislike me or don't trust me. They can see that I say whatever I want and can't be bought or bribed. I like Diana because she too thinks for herself. Go talk to her - she's very approachable. Maybe she can help you turn your hostility into a force for good.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Here's a question that might get to the heart of what ails you. What do you think of mixed race couples? I'm serious now. There are tons in our neighborhood. When you talk about white, I get what you mean, mostly. But do you reserve as much hate for a white person loving a black person? Having a family together? Or does that white person get a pass? Maybe you hate them MORE? Or is this more a class, thing? Do you use the phrase "Uncle Tom" to describe black folks you don't agree with? Do you have white friends who "get it?" Are all black politicians in the pockets of developers? Should black owned businesses welcome or dissuade whites from spending their money at their shops? Is there a white-owned business that you go to and enjoy? Do you want your kids to go to school with white kids?

If you look a little deeper, I think you'll see that your resentment is thick and difficult to fully understand. Just like the very real racism that we all carry with us. And I say all because it's not just white folks who carry that baggage. People of color often find themselves ascribing the very same stereotypes to other people of color. We're all in this rat cage together, though obviously some come out on top, generally speaking. It's deep stuff. Put some love in your heart. And yeah, go do what you think is right. As long as you don't try to shut other people down, you go right on expressing yourself.

P.Hawthorne said...

Can I join the cat conversation?

Every night I walk home I'm welcomed by a macro pattern kitten on Hawthorne st with a red collar. She is very talkative and loves to be pet.

She seems healthy enough, just want to make sure she is being cared for as we enter into the chillier season.

Anonymous said...

Eric Adams has sold us out! He will pay for his crimes in the courts!

Stop the lies TIM. You know you are wrong when you say you don't have anything with Hudson Companies. Tell the truth! And stop painting us as anti-white. Some of the people fighting with us are white so stop with the character assassination. Pro gentrification advocates like Eric Adams, De Blasio, Diane Richardson and Mathieu Eugene are using RACE to push us out by siding with big developers who want to exclude minorities from this process! We are against gentrification and the removal of low and middle income black and brown people and you can't stop us!

Anonymous said...

We have made so many accomplishments and we'll continue to make more in the coming months!

Curious27 said...

What of the white "gentrifiers" whose salaries reflect the median range for the neighborhood, who themselves are another pawn in the whole flipping scheme? Who live in the same building as black and latin@ tenants who have been there for years, joining their tenant associations and engaging with their neighbors to do what they can to educate themselves about the issues the community has been dealing with? Who are just trying to work and live comfortably and harmoniously with their neighbors?

Who do they align themselves with? The developers who aren't interested in them because they can't get the luxury-rate rents they want out of them? The real estate management companies that stick them in shitty apartments that the tenants ultimately end up overpaying for and then provide terrible or non-existent services, putting them in between a rock and a hard place because they can't find affordable housing elsewhere? The same management companies that can't wait to evict these tenants from rent-stabilized units and slap on the 20% vacancy increase, and do a shite "reno" job to justify an even bigger vacancy increase to slowly nudge the unit out of rent stabilization? The local community "activists" who claim to have the best interests of the working class and the poor in mind, but whose ever-changing definition of "community" often seeks to pit people against each other along lines of race and class?

That's why I got behind AB in the beginning, before I realized what she was all about. When I thought we were uniting to resist and push back against the type of opportunistic development that would ultimately make our lives in this community even more difficult. But then it became clear that the fight AB is engaged in isn't about unification, or any compromise that would benefit the community. And she hasn't let us forget that ever since.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Anon: Calm down. I don't have anything to do with Hudson Companies. And I don't know any developers. I know one lie people are telling - that I went to a fundraiser for Bruce Ratner at Prospect Park. That's hilarious that I would give one thin dime in his name. I was there to support Prospect Park! I have a pal who gives Celebrate Brooklyn a ton of money, and he invited me to go see Chaka Khan in the front row. Who among you would have said no?? And I got free dinner too!

So can it with the crap MTOPP. I didn't say you were anti-white. You did! And it's fine, man. I can take it. But if you're going to keep rousing people to BE anti-white, don't be surprised when you get called out for it. I ain't a big fan of a lot of white people either.

As to white people who fall for MTOPP's race-baiting bullshit, all I can say is it's a semi-free country. It must be hard sometimes to listen to the rhetoric, though. I used to care what people thought about my liberal bonafides, too. But I know who I am and what I stand for. I don't need to wear a green shirt and shout down my neighbors when they're trying to talk. In the case of MTOPP. you're all being used, black & white. Because the central cause of MTOPP's existence is not what you think. You are a puppet to Alicia's NIMBY street theater. Think for yourself. True compromise and community dialogue would benefit.

Bob Marvin said...

I usually enjoy A.B.'s nonsense for it's entertainment value but I find the "unrelated" posts in this thread about kitty cats far more interesting.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Of course they're related, Bob. Don't you see these cats need affordable housing as much as anyone? Many have been booted from 60 Clarkson. And most have applied for the affordable housing at 626 Flatbush, but with THEIR credit histories? I fear, however, that these cats might be replaced by 30 story luxury apartment buildings. Now if only someone would open an upscale eatery serving small portions of meat by-products in short round tins.

Naomi said...

As a black-and-white cat who is non-discriminatory in who she's willing to rub up against, Tipper should be our mascot for a unified neighborhood. However, she is definitely prone to bribes so I'm not sure we can guarantee her impartiality. (By the way, she has been sleeping inside 40 Clarkson on the cold nights, so no need to worry about her as winter comes. Her rent is really low, too.)

ElizabethC said...

Clearly, Tim, you need to have a post that's just "local cat talk".

Anonymous said...

Tim, don't let MTOPP's hate and lies get to you. Instead maybe understand where it comes from. Hate is always ugly, but it stems from their victimization and lack of power. Lashing out in an irresponsible and uncontrolled way is what happens when someone is desperate. Hate and lies are probably the only tools they have to protect themselves. There is no sense of trying to talk some sense into them. Because as the victims of gentrification, they cannot handle the truth. The truth is that gentrification is unstoppable. For the victims, gentrification is an ugly market force that you cannot hold back. Even if you build a couple hundred units of real affordable housing, the majority won't win that lottery ticket and will be forced out of the neighborhood. The truth is ugly for the losers of gentrification, and it is oppressive. Oppression builds hate that needs to find a target. Unfortunately, as a public blogger, you have become the target. Getting defensive is the natural reaction. But if you embrace the hate and understand it, you just feel sorry for them.

Bob Marvin said...

We have such an upscale eatery at Flatbush & Midwood–it's called Trixie's and my Elvis, an orange tabby, rates it very highly. He's never been there in person though and, although they deliver, he prefers to send his staff (me) for take out.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Anon 8:13: You're right...but only about the FOLLOWERS of MTOPP. Alicia is way too smart for that. She's more like an Eastern European dictator using propaganda to achieve her objectives.

But thx for your perspective.

I want to be super duper clear about my position on affordable housing. I don't think for one minute that people getting kicked out of their apartments are going to somehow gracefully slide into the newly built units. To me, the current landlords pushing out people is an entirely separate issue. What I want to see is a neighborhood built for a future when rents are so high that NO ONE of meager or even average means can move here. Fight the fight for rent controls. But also plan for the future. I want to live in a neighborhood that is economically diverse. Why? Because Park Slope is what happens when you have ZERO affordable housing. And I know that neighborhood very, very well. Shockingly well. And it's all fine I suppose. PS321 raises a million bucks a year for its PTA. Perhaps one day that will be true of Jackie Robinson or PS92.

We have grown so dismissive of City managers that we refuse to consider they might be right on SOME issues. That really worries me. Because we have some of the brightest and most progressive people in the whole world working for this administration. I hope we listen to them, or at least consider their positions, before bashing everything they say.

Alex said...

AB is a gentrification profiteer, first accepting a buyout in Boerum Hill and now enjoying the fruits of the vastly increased value of her house and high rates that she can charge AirBnB visitors.

She's deceiving her followers, taking advantage of the desperation you describe, anon.

Alex said...

Additionally, why does no one ever ask why she has no job? I personally do not have the privilege of not having to work to support myself.

ElizabethC said...

It's fascinating that MTOPP has zero interest in what's happening at 60 Clarkson. I guess only homeowners like Alicia deserve "protection".

jessica said...

More importantly, why does Tipper have no job? Wandering the streets, taking hand outs, squatting in an illegal basement... get a job, slacker.

Joana said...

Tipper needs one of these

Rebecca said...

UPDATE ON THE CAT: Since seeing that the cat is cared for and has a warm place to go at night, I've been torn about taking her in. But enough people are worried about her street moxie that I figured I could try. So we tried tonight, oh we tried. The lovely Imelda tried, super-friendly Josh tried, Noah and I tried. Tipper is sweet as heck, until you try to box her in, then she gets instantly evasive.

I'll try again, but if she doesn't want to be taken in, I don't want to push it. If anyone else is able to get her into a carrier I'll collect her from you, otherwise I'll try again this weekend and again next weekend, then I'll let her be. I figure if a living being fights that hard to be free, they deserve it.

Anonymous said...

So now you are comparing Alicia to Milosevic? Stay classy Tim. The rest of can go to hell especially you Alex. You have a hard on for this woman and I find that to be borderline creepy and perverted.

ElizabethC said...

Alicia always reminded me more of Saparmurat Niyazov of Turkmenistan. That's the dude who renamed bread after his mother, renamed the months after himself and his children, built a giant ice castle in the desert and banned make-up, gold teeth and lip-syncing at live concerts. (Maybe he had something with the lip syncing).