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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Proud To Be...An American?

The Q's not a religious man. And yet, with all the braying going on in D.C. and with 45's basket of deplorables, I got a bit choked up when I saw the below sign. God bless NYC and the promise of a better America. Time to get busy. Just over a year and we can send 45 back home. Oh, right. Home's NYC for him. A minor inconvenience, at least til he's tossed in the can by Tish James. Don't mess with Texas? Hah. Don't mess with Tish, mofos.

And as the Clarkson Avenue block party was in full swing, we got a visit from the power team of State Senator Zell Myrie and Assemblyperson Diana Richardson. What they accomplished this term! Just read this whole list and tell me we can't be on the wrong and the right path simultaneously in this country, til the roads converge in 2020.

Get busy!

on the block on Saturday - the Q's fave power couple D & Z

Clarkson on Saturday. Hot but Bouncy.