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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Affordable to WHOM

 Geez Louise. The copy on this ad below is kinda bonkers. So you wonder why the Q threw such a fit about people complaining about affordability? The typical rates for housing lotteries currently taking place (and there are dozens) have prices significantly below these prices ($2500 to start for 1 bed). And this, following the pandemic that was going to crush NYC?

So to all the NIMBY-ists and "progressives" who decry developer built mandatory affordable housing in all their projects I say...what did you get for your tantrums? Shit. You didn't get shit. And the towers and the luxury unaffordable un-stabilized housing will continue to turn Flatbush and Crown Heights into dreamscapes for the young tech-employed and trust funders.

Believe it or not, I like all kinds of people. Even those techies, though their bars irk me. And I like that all kinds of people live in our neighborhood, at least for the moment they do. But for the life of me I can't understand why lefties seem to think if they hold out for the revolution "the man" is going to come around to your way of thinking. Meanwhile, working people get shafted, in the name of your worker's revolution. And you, young Lefty in the 'hood, will have moved on to the more nuanced phase of your life. Most likely somewhere else. Maybe even the "cool" suburbs, like Montclair, NJ? It's "diverse!" It's "arty!" "Good schools!"