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Thursday, March 5, 2015

And Rounding Out the Race...

So Diana Richardson gets the "Working Families" and "Green Party" lines. Geoffrey Davis wants you to "Love Yourself."  And now Shirley Patterson, backed by Eric Adams and Jesse Hamilton, is on the "Putting the People First" party line (digging that use of "the"). I adore these made up parties! I'm going to create the "Let's Get Our Ducks In a Row" party. Or the "Party" party. Actually, is that one already taken? It should be. How about the "Let's" party. As in "let's get in there and do some stuff!" Oh, and legalize marijuana while we're at it. Maybe a turn-back-the-clock to a simpler era, called the "Like It's 1999" Party.

So to review. Shirley was the gimme candidate for an election that wasn't supposed to be an election - she was supposed to get the nod as the Dem and cakewalk to the Assembly. Then ol' Guillermo Philpotts finagles a boondoggle that actually works, but some backdoor shenanigans keep him from the church on time. Meaning Adams and Hamilton kinda look schmucky, so to save face they stick with their gal, even though she probably doesn't have the verve and grit of the challenger Diana Richardson. If I were them I would have told Ms. Patterson that at 71 she should kick back and hang with her grandkids. It's pretty clear from the pick how cute they are...much cuter than Andrew Cuomo and the State Legislators. The Upstate ones in particular are not too easy on the eyes.

The "Not All Princesses Dress In Pink" Party
So if your head's not swimming yet, I'm sure there'll be some more twists and turns before the special election is over on May 5. I do think this is one to watch. And given our lame leadership on the Council, a strong Assembly Person could mean a lot.

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