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Friday, March 20, 2015

ULURP Meeting Minutes

In the interest of greater transparency, I'm including here the minutes from the last ULURP Committee Meeting, 3/16/15. (I'm not going to dignify the petition currently going around asking for my ouster from the Board, except to say that some of the things I'm being called out for kinda tickle me. I still like the line "maybe we'll get lucky and Alicia Boyd will break her jaw while gardening at her townhouse" I was imagining her at a CB9 meeting with one of those jaw-braces on, trying to disrupt the meeting without opening her mouth. But I can see how that might have stepped over the line. I'm sorry if that sounded violent; it was meant to be darkly humorous. I honestly don't wish any ill will upon her or anyone else. Just a little quiet so we can think and speak, that's all I ask. But calling Mathieu Eugene not worth his cheap suits? I mean c'mon. You can't knock crappy elected officials, regardless of race? Where are we, Putin's Russia?)

Anyhoo, here are the minutes and I hope you enjoy the back-and-forth. Once Alicia was gone, there were good points made, despite the constant interruptions and my own ugly outburst when someone from Joyce Stewart from 320 Sterling Street screamed at me "All you want to do is protect your house in the Manor." Hey man, you can knock me six ways til Sunday, but don't call me a Manor guy! Not that I wouldn't LIKE to be, mind you. Damn nice blocks.

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Needless to say, these issues are not new