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Friday, March 13, 2015

Local Teen Falls From Rooftop

Another reminder of the fragility of life. A 15 year old boy fell from the above building - 1045 President Street between Rogers and Nostrand - and didn't survive. The news reports said he was jumping between buildings, though from this Google shot the buildings side to side seem connected. I guess it was to a building behind this building?

Regardless, this is the sort of thing that reminds us to keep an eye on our young 'uns. By all reports he was a lovely kid. One hopes that it was just an accident, and that he wasn't pushed. That would be a terrible thing to live with as well. On report said he was playing tag...another said they were jumping from building to building on a dare. They made me suspicious, but then I'm not a detective and it ain't gonna bring the kid back.

Much sympathy to the parents. This is every mommy and daddy's worst nightmare.

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