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Monday, March 23, 2015

Beautiful Pink Tickets Blooming Throughout Neigborhood

Bam! And then it hits you...

If you see a marked Sanitation enforcement vehicle in front of your home or business, don't think they're just texting or snoozing. They're probably writing you a ticket for being trashy. Think you've kept your sidewalk clean? Take a look into the street 18 inches from the curb. That's your responsibility too.

Just as I was leaving the house with Little Miss FlatBed Jr. a gentleman presented me with my pink summons for $100. There were flattened frozen carboard boxes and some old carpeting that apparently become uncovered during the great melt over the weekend. And while the cars had been parked upon said garbage all weekend, it was this AM that Mr. Clean rode by and saw it. Yes, I have an excuse. But plain as day, there it was for the whole world to see. And this, after cleaning garbage from all down my side of the street on Saturday! Oh, the injustice.

This is what we get for increased enforcement. And I, for one, am glad for it. The neighborhood's a friggin' dump most days, and it's time we all took responsibility for it. See something, don't just say something. Put it in a can. And ticket the hell out of those businesses who leave mounds of trash in front of their establishments. It doesn't matter WHOSE garbage it is. It's WHERE it is. End of story.

But yeah it sucks when it's your turn. I'll probably write in my defense, just to satisfy my urge to say F.U. BUT, at least we don't have it as bad as in the 19th Century, when seeing dead animals at the curb was not so uncommon. I wonder if those fancy big street sweepers could have handled THIS:

That's Not Photoshopped Folks


AlexVee said...

Oh, man. That's bad luck for you, but I really hope some enforcement in the neighborhood makes a difference. I was just thinking this morning how littered with trash this area is, especially compared to other nearby neighborhoods. Lenox road btw Flatbush and Bedford is bad... Also on Bedford in front of Gandhi and the soon-to-open barber shop, the tree pits are a heap of trash.I wish the local businesses would adopt the trees and keep it a little nicer.

I hope the tickets remind everyone to do their part to keep our streets clean.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Agreed. But yesterday I was in the West Village and it was WAY worse than here. Right after the ice melts, there's a lot of yuck that comes out.

Still, I couldn't believe the trash overflowing bins off West 4th. Is the City losing the War on Garbage?

roxv said...

I live on Lenox between Flatbush and Bedford and while most of the large buildings to a good job of keeping the garbage clear, we have a few empty lots where stuff piles up, and the few small businesses near the corner of Flatbush (namely the empty for rent space, a barber shop, and a bodega that is definitely up to no good) are TERRIBLE at cleaning up any trash. and since they're not technically on flatbush ave the BID doesn't really care i don't think. Does it make any sense to report them to 311?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Trash is a great reason to call 311. Call everyday until it's cleared up (you can do it online). Better yet, call your District Manager at your community board. Service Delivery, or lack thereof, is their job description. Not kidding. I think your DM is Shawn Campbell at CB14.