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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

NYC: Shovel Your Walk!

Amazing how you can get a ticket for not shoveling, but the City itself gets a pass. Nice article here about slick sidewalks that are basically booby traps to maim and even kill. And always at the heart of any story about Lincoln Road, there's Dynishal Gross. Amazingly NY1 got the bridge over the subway cleared of ice and snow. When 311 doesn't work, there's always the media. Video and story below.

Ice in the City


Anonymous said...

Actually saw an MTA employee sprinkling salt in front of the Prospect Park station the other morning as well. They always do the bare minimum, shoveling a path in front of the station wide enough for a wheelchair or stroller. Would take 5 minutes to clear the entire area and allow two-way traffic.

Anonymous said...

I live locally and everytime it snows, I shovel for my neighbor on Maple St. If anyone in the area would like some shoveling done, Im happy to help. Text me at: 1 (347) 480-3117