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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Parents - Cool Summer Camping Program, Bears Not Included

Riel Peerbooms runs a program called Trail Blazers, that owns a big beautiful camp in New Jersey. This program is more than 100 years old! (Riel, however, is significantly younger, and is a dad in the neighborhood.)

Here's his note:

Registration has opened for PLG Trail Blazers, a Brooklyn based Day Camp, brought to you by a collaboration between Lefferts Garden Montessori School and Trail Blazers.

The program is open to all kids ages 4-12, from anywhere in Brooklyn (or anywhere else!).

Take a look: 

We hope you’ll find it to be a little different from most programs. With weekly local trips and trips up to our 1000 acre site in NJ, this is not your ordinary summer camp!

So spread the word – the more the merrier. Registration is open now.

Riel Peerbooms, MSW
Executive Director

New Address:
394 Rogers Avenue
Brooklyn,  NY 11225
C: 347-852-2131

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