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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Metal Bench Defies Laws of Physics - Buckles Bizarrely

Honestly now, how does one do this?

There are a couple airline-size liquor bottles under the bench, but I'm pretty sure alcoholism does not bestow superhuman strength - just the illusion of it. Parkside Avenue for the umpteenth time again defies logic and beggars belief. Did someone smash this thing with a sledgehammer? From the side, top and bottom at the same time? A three-way sledge?

Perhaps one of the canners who frequents the Pioneer bottle return station can bend metal with his mind?


Sean said...

saw that the other night. gotta assume someone drove up on the sidewalk and hit it with a car.

kingscounty said...

As an ex professional grocer, my hypothesis is pallet jack carelessness. That GD store treats the sidewalk like its own personal loading dock and recycling center.

Rudy on Winthrop said...

The damage (from what I was able to learn) was caused by a truck driven by the private trash hauler hired by Pioneer Supermarket and by the deli next door. Evidently, they drive their trucks up onto the sidewalk sometimes, and struck the bench head on. I have let DOT know about the situation.

Rudy, for the Parkside Committee

Clarkson FlatBed said...

And Mazel Tov Rudy, on a healthy second little one. May he always have a decent public metal seat to sit on!

kingscounty said...

Oh I see. Yes that makes sense since they probably 4wheel it up there to collect all the broken glass pioneer so kindly litters the public sidewalk with nightly.