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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Holy Cow. Are You Kidding Me?

In the previous latenight post I told you of the defeat of the Democratic Windmill in one Guillermo Philpotts' once quixotic attempt at elected office. Then, somehow, he failed to fill out the paperwork by the deadline (midnight Tuesday), meaning he can't run on the Dem line. In fact, NO ONE can run on the dem line. Meaning we'll be choosing our Assembly Person from three (or more?) independent candidates.

Here's the story. I could barely finish it because I spit my Yerba Matte all over my monitor:

Yerba huh, you ask? The Q? I thought he was a strictly cheeseburger and sundae man. Well, I'm on a cleanse. Blame it on our doula, from the homebirth of Little Miss Clarkson FlatBed, III. She dared me; I took the dare. Three weeks of torture and bowel movements. I wonder if placentamales are allowed? The meat's still in the freezer after three years. I think. What a very, very odd tradition. I get saving wedding cake for a year, but...

Need a doula or midwife? Shoot me an email and I'll give you the recommendation of a lifetime.

1 comment:

Kimplicated said...

This seems like the best possible outcome, no? If there's no Dem, then a serious candidate can actually win the seat. Especially if she has the WFP banner.

By the way, Yerba Mate is gross if brewed imperfectly. Guayusa, a related plant, is much tastier. And it's $15 on Amazon for basically a lifetime supply.