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Friday, March 13, 2015

Here We Go Again...

In her latest missive to her diminishing band of acolytes, the hardest working woman in show business, Alicia Boyd, has now decided to attack the likely (read likely) interim Chair of CB9 Laura Imperiale, who would get the gig soley because chair Dwayne Nicholson couldn't hack the insanity anymore and resigned. Alicia claims Laura would benefit personally from any new residential on Empire Blvd. because she works for a construction company that builds out infrastructure. Laura is smart and a straight-shooter and will hopefully ignore this onslaught, but as we've seen, it's hard to ignore a madwoman on a rampage.

The Board, however, would have to ratify her appointment as temporary chair, so it's even too early to start lodging official complaints.

Below is the remarkably detailed nonsense from MTOPP. Note that they claim 20K - 40K people are moving to the neighborhood if we allow residential on Empire from Flatbush to Rogers. Because as we've seen and I've posted about, there's a few thousand people coming to district even without a Planning Study. All Alicia needs to do is step one or two blocks north of her beloved Empire Junkenue to see how much new construction is happening.

I get more disgusted all the time. The woman is actually quite calm and collected when outside these board settings, so it's clearly all an act designed to give her exactly what she wants - status quo next to her house. I refuse to be bullied. The Board should refused to be bullied. We should all be able to move forward without this nonsense. Her opinion is valid if she states it calmly and is real about just how few people stand behind her. If you see her, tell her I said so. Actually, she reads the blog, so don't bother! She called me out by name in her LAST message.

Basically, Alicia is calling out Imperiale out for doing her job up til now as a Board member. What's next...suing someone for voting against her wishes? Or for looking at her sideways?

I guess it's your turn Laura!

Dear Community Board 9 member

MTOPP is requesting that due to Conflict of Interest that Laura E. Imperiale,
acting chair be removed from her position. 
For brevity sake, I will outline the contents of this email
and provide attachments that contain evidence as well
as the law governing CB9 members in regards to conflict of interest law.

I can assure you that conflicts of interest are taken very seriously
when it comes to Community Board members and their conduct. 
It is unlawful to intentional use one’s position on the board
for one’s own professional or personal gain. 
We believe that Laura has done just that!

Proof of Laura Conflict of Interest contained in this email
Under the following categories.
Laura’s Company Tully Construction
Laura’s Employment History
Laura’s Current Position
Laura’s Actions as Vice Chair and acting chair of CB9 Board over the last year!

As a result of our findings, we will be doing the following.
1.      Providing the entire community with this information
and requesting that they submit a complaint (anonymously if they chose)
concerning this serious conflict of interest.
(find attached “complaint Conflict Letter)

2.      We will be placing an request for an immediate investigation
with the Department of Investigations,
and the DA’s office of Public Integrity Division.

3.      We will demanding that Laura Imperiale be removed as temporary chair,
and that any appointments she has made to the ULURP committee
or any other decisions she has made as temporary chair be null
and void until  the investigations being launched are completed.

4.      We will be putting out an official statement to the media
and providing them with evidence, of this serious issue,
to ensure that the community at large is aware
that one of the largest construction lobbyist in NYC,
with strong political ties is now chair of a community board,
that is engaging in a serious struggle over land use!

Evidence of Conflict of Interest
Laura’s Company Tully Construction
Tully Construction is a multi-million dollar construction company
that secures City Agency contracts to do all types of construction,
mainly focusing on structural modifications
and changes to Urban Landscapes
Their clients include, MTA, NYC DDC, NYC DEP, NYC DOS, NYC EDC,
Below is a link to the Columbus Circle project they did for the city in 2005,
in which serious infrastructure was performed both underground and on the street level.

This is the same type of work that would be needed
 if Empire Blvd would be changed from a Commercial zone, to a residential
Major work on the sewage, gas lines and other public lands
 would have to be performed to accommodate
20,000 to 40,000 new residents on a three block radius

This would include both surface and underground construction;
the addition, relocation and removal of sewage lines,
water mains, gas lines and steam pipes along
with road and other surface details  construction
that Tully Construction performs for public agencies.

Thus Laura's firm will greatly benefit from this up zoning
if several years from now they are selected to perform these jobs.
Of course by that time Laura, would be long gone from the board.

Laura’s Employment History
Prior to joining CB9 and before she went full-time at Tully Construction
she worked as a consultant for Constantinople & Vallone Consulting LLC
advocating on behalf of charter schools, banks,
 real estate developers, landlords, and  management companies.

Laura’s Current Position
Laurie is the Director of Governmental Affairs
For Tully Construction Co. Inc/Tully Environmental Inc.
As the Director one of her primary jobs is to secure contracts
with the various governmental agencies by lobbying the local
Politicians, in particular the City Council and Mayor’s office.
(see attached “NYC Lobbyist Search – Laura and 2Laura)

Thus she has a relationship with the local politicians and
We are sure with further investigation, we will see that she
Also has a relationship with City Planning.

As the climate in our political environment is for the up zoning of
Our community stated by our Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo
And Borough President Eric Adams, it doesn’t take a lot to
assume that Laurie is pushing on their behalf because of her
Professional relationship to the political structure here in NYC.
And at the same time securing future deals for her company.
The following evidence will attest to her wanting up zoning in this community
and she in no way is representing the interests of the residents.

Laura’s Actions as Vice Chair of CB9 Board over the last year!
August 4, 2014.
Laura first meeting with the community as Vice-Chair of CB9
She was seen and recorded on tape as having pointed her finger and shouting
To homeowners and residents in the community, who did not
want to Empire Blvd on the rezoning request being given to City Planning,
 “Be Quiet, Be Quiet! I had enough of You [residents]”.

She also closed down the meeting, demanding that the community board
make the final decision about keeping Empire Blvd on the study,
instead of it being worked out at the committee level, where it was clear
there was opposition.

September 23, 2014.
Laura voted "No", not to rescind the resolution that would have gotten
Community Board 9 up zoned all throughout our community.
This now a part of common knowledge.

October 24, 2014
Laura was reported by the media as stating
that City Planning was going ahead with the study,  
indicating that she had inside tract with City Planning,
after Sept 23, resolution was suppose to not have been passed!

February 4, 2015
Laura was seen on video tape clapping when Laurie Combo
stated she was going to up zone this community without the
Community board consent and right after that speech, Laurie
Combo fell into Laura Imperiale arms indicating some type of
familiarity to their relationship and above all support for
Lauire Cumbo’s position to up zone this community, without
the consent of the community.

March 10, 2015
Laurie is currently soliciting members of the community to be on
The ULURP committee of her choosing, stating her plans to get things done
within the next two months.
(see attached “Seeking members on ULURP committee)

Finally, you will find attached a whole list of documentation
about conflict of interest laws,
And the enforcement of these laws. 
The courts take seriously the issue of conflicts of interest
and we will be approaching the law enforcement agencies
 to intervene on our behalf.

However as a board member you too have the obligation
to protect the community and the board itself from unscrupulous members
and unlawful acts of behavior exhibited by board members
especially a chairperson of the board.

Thus we hope that you will act immediately
regarding this issue and ensure that Laura Imperiale
Is removed from her temporary position as chair,
until a full investigation is completed,
otherwise it is very possible that CB9 board itself can be held
liable for the actions that its Chair makes,
when presented with evidence that is not acted upo


Anonymous said...

Anyone affiliated in any way with the construction industry, and particularly someone whose firm fulfills city contracts definitely has no role on a community board that makes rezoning decisions. Period. The potential for the appearance, if not the act, of graft is overwhelming.

That said, Empire Boulevard is a vast wasteland and should be flattened.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Right. And as a fundraiser I request money from the City. That should disqualify me? Anyone in the real estate industry? Anyone living in affordable housing? Anyone whose business has contracts with the City? Anyone who has a relative who is an elected official? Anyone who wants to get into one of the affordable apartments?

Laura does not own the company she works for. She has no deals before the City in our district. She's knowledgeable and like any resident has opinions. But her work does not cross any lines of impropriety. She's not even the chair of ULURP. As a chair of the Board she would be required to vote abstention if she had any direct (read: direct) business that would benefit her personally.

But I suppose if you want to stretch, anyone could be disqualified. The way Alicia talks, you'd think this was the Supreme effing Court.

Anonymous said...

Yikes...what is her endgame here? That she'll chase away willing, competent candidates and the board will say, "You know what? We really need someone willing to blow everything up for their own narrow self-interest, with no regard for reality or other people...let's get Alicia to run this board!"

Alex said...

I totally disagree - to me it's a positive, having someone on the board who has insight into the construction industry and how infrastructure improvements are planned and executed. I don't think there's a conflict of interest at all - there's plenty of infrastructure work to go around in this city regardless of whether any happens in CB9 or not.

diak said...

Mr CF,
Why do you continue to post AB's rantings and ravings here? If even a handful of our neighbors buy into her angry, race-baiting nonsense it's counterproductive.
She's working against the interests of everyone but herself; we get that. No further evidence required. On TQ@P I think your summations and refutations are plenty.
If she wants to build a "movement," let her do the outreach.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Obviously Diak you don't have to deal with the byproducts of her rantings. Were she just writing this stuff I would happily ignore her, as I would any neighbor with verbose borderline personality disorder.

What you may not understand is that Ms. Boyd disrupts meetings, files lawsuits, and generally succeeds in keeping CB9 from doing its business. All of this, by the way, she accomplishes without ANY help from my silly blog.

I print these when there is an intention to them. In other words, having vanquished the previous chair, she has now set her sights on the (likely) temporary new one.

So I assure you it's all quite consequential. I won't be offended if you ignore it entirely. But if folks are thinking they might agree with the woman in theory and are considering joining her troupe, I'd at least want them to know what they're getting into.

diak said...

Were it my soapbox, I'd probably handle it differently. But I appreciate your position.
Kudos as well for continuing to fight fair even if the opposition doesn't.