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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Youth Leadership Council - Tell a Neighbor!

Tell everyone you know with teens, or be a mensch or menschette and reach out to some kids you see on the block and tell them about this fantastic opportunity.

NYPD does this cool program that creates meaningful relationships between young people and the cops. I don't need to stress how important this is these days. It really can mean the difference between terrible tragedies and communication. Imagine at least one young person on each block, an ambassador for a different trajectory, a person with a direct line to the authorities. It's not for everyone; some people mistrust the cops so much they wouldn't even be seen with one.

Here's the application. At the very least, it's a chance to reach out to folks, which is the very most effective way to create a real neighborhood vibe. I don't mean to sound corny, but...we're the adults now. It's our time to be the role models, assured and brave and reaching out of our comfort zones. I'm going to take my own advice and bring this thing to at least three prospects on my block. I hope you do the same. Maybe I've just been lucky, but I've never once had a problem when talking to young guys on my block as long as it's about something positive. Love to hear if any of you have similar experiences.

Hello Community;
     We would like to introduce you to a new Youth Program called the NYPD Youth Leadership Council, it's a group of trained young people who work in partnership with adult leaders on a defined area of policy, practices and /or service to impact individuals and communities with a focus on youth.  The age of the Council members are 14-18 years old.  The Youth will serve for 1 year.  This Council will meet once a month at a chosen location.  The Youth will be picked up by police and dropped back home. 

    This Council will help Youth develop leadership skills, provide exposure to the law and law enforcement, Assist peers and community by addressing issues of mutual concern, engage in Civic duties, they'll learn about government, fulfill community service requirements and work towards a letter of recommendation for college.

    Please mention this Youth Council to your neighbors and Community Associations.  We are looking for youth to start this Youth Council Thursday, March 26, 2015.  Attached is the application and it should be submitted to the 70 Precinct Community Affairs Office or the 70th Precinct Youth Officer.  Thank you. 

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Colin on Linden Blvd said...

Youth leader in Virginia:

If only the NYPD had given us reason that they would treat Flatbush's "youth leaders" any differently.