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Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Gallery to Open Right Here in Parkside!

Okay, you gotta admit I got you on that one!

But whenever I walk past 400 Ocean Avenue, at the corner of Crooke, and I see this conspicuously windowed yet vacant lobby, I can't help but think an opportunity is being missed.

Here's a thought. You know how micro-brew took off as a trend about a dozen years or more ago? How about micro-gym! The lobby at 400 Ocean could be the beginning of yet another global fad to trace its roots to PLG Caledonian Parkside. Just put in a couple stair masters and treadmills. As far as I can tell, people LOVE to do their sweaty heavy breathing routines in full view of the walk-by public. I'll never know WHY they enjoy having their buttocks, abs and thighs scrutinized by every Tom, Dick or Harry who happens past, but there it is, and if it's there, you better just leave it there.

Am I right? Or am I right?


Lauren said...

I was so excited for a second! That's right on my corner, it would be great to see something interesting when I passed by.

Rudy on Winthrop said...

My friend and I were strolling past this place one night last week and stopped to gaze into the window and wonder at this room. As we stood there, a rather proprietary and humorless resident came into the building, and said, in a scolding tone: "I see you have a problem with my lobby."

I told her no, no, not at all. I told her I loved that room, and that I thought she should put some art on display. Or perhaps a diorama. Or perhaps some plants. Or a wading pond. She said, "I'll tell the super."

eggs! said...

it is a sweet spot