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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Breaking Story: Rooster on Ocean

Neighbor Maddie sent this from in front of her building on Ocean 'tween Parkside and Woodruff:

WTF, y'all?


Anonymous said...

You've never seen a rooster in Brooklyn? I remember when I first moved to Park Slope in the late 80s (Degraw Street between 4th and 5th) someone had a rooster in their backyard who would crow at the crack of dawn every morning.

Alma Garnett said...

the mystery surrounding this rooster is its location and early morning schedule: an iron clad shrub space in front of a 55+ unit apartment building (btwn parkside & woodruff) at 8:30 am. abandonment? forced relocation from a happy backyard rooster spot?

neighbor maddie

Anonymous said...

There was a chicken loitering in the shrubs behind the gate in front of ur building on ocean last year. A neighbor said she saw it thrown from a fast moving car in a paper bag...

Alma Garnett said...

That is just plain mean.