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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just Sew Stores*

The other day the wife said "you know, I really think we need a sewing kit." Sewing kit? What's next, a butter churn? But with four in the fambly now, the number of buttons missing has reached a citical mass. And there are clothes that could use a darning or two.

It's Caledonian Flatbush, so the chances of finding ANYTHING you need within three or four blocks is pretty darn high. And I'd always wanted an excuse to go into Save a Thon Fabrics, and here was the perfect chance. Don't say you haven't noticed it at least. The sign is frickin' gorgeous and the boarded up building is a stunner too.

It's everything you hoped for from a store that has scores of sewing machines in the well-lit and carefully designed window display. A big guy sat at a table fixing an old, but mercifully not TOO old, machine. The fabrics of the world were on display. There were lots of cute gifts and crafts stuff, you know like beads and ribbons and crap that I tend to drop or mangle in my fat fingers. It was actually kind of crowded at 6PM on a Wednesday...I won't lie it seemed to be mostly older ladies, the sort that might actually sew on a daily basis, but I don't want to sound too certain that young people aren't deserting their Macs for Singers. Could happen. Anything can happen in Brooklyn's weird artisanal zeitgeist.

I'm particularly fond of the basket of big balls of yarn:

They give lessons, fix any make or model, and generally seem to have their sh*t together in an olde thyme way. I'd love to hear from anyone who knows more about this curious but essential slice of Flatbush history. The comment box is open!

* Listen, if you got that pun then I'm proud of us both.


Kevin said...

A pun like that makes me want to kiple. Fortunately, I quite enjoy doing that.

Anonymous said...

I go there all the time for .99 flowers - which I mix with real flowers that I buy at the fruit stand. Damnit the neighborhood could use a real flower shop....sigh.

Lia said...

I go here all the time! Every couple of weeks or so. They are always helpful, have great prices - most craft stores really hike up the prices. Here you can get bouquet making supplies, serious cake decorating supplies, kitchen stuff, upholstery stuff, model making supplies (balsa wood, miniature props), trims, buttons, zippers, anything... I come here on the regular to buy clear vinyl (i'm an artist) and makes it easy for the reluctant interior designer in me to "make" curtains and tablecloths...

The classes there look really fun too, sometimes they are basket making workshops, cake decorating, pattern making, things like that, and everyone is always laughing and having a good time. Seriously great place.

Sam in PLG said...

Amen to Lia. I love this place and regularly come by, pick up some fabulously cheap linen for example, then hot foot up to Mohammed the sewing guy on Lincoln to finish the edges of stuff for me then voila! Fantastically fab tablecloths for next to nothing (probes $40 all in.) I even used to come all the way to the Fabric Save-a-Thon when we lived in the big, all-amenities-here-PS! You can't beat it.