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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Toomey's to close AND star in movie (heading to Hollywood?)

From Babs comes sad news that the neighborhood's only greasy spoon is up for lease. An enterprising restauranteur might want to consider the spacious Toomey's at Rogers and Empire. The Q had only been a couple times but loved the ambiance - as in, real greasy and real sweet. And fried.

But even as the longtime landmark says goodbye, Hollywood says hello in the form of a film shoot. So long Toomey's. We're sorry to see you go.


Anonymous said...

Depressing. I'm really worried with its Empire Blvd location and the landlord seemingly deciding to raise the rent to something a diner can't afford, this spot will be acquired by yet another big fast food chain franchise. Not having a basic, indie classic diner in the neighborhood will really stink. We love Toomeys. The waitresses know our son's name, love him and are so sweet to him. The owner is wonderful.

babs said...

Here's another depressing thought - no fast food place would open in that current building, which means it would be torn down. However, for the moment it doesn't appear that the building is for sale, so perhaps another diner will come in.