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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Flabenue Scuttlebutt

Know that building at the corner of Flatbush and Lefferts, the one that just added a pawn-shop-gold-buyer-check-casher, much to the dismay of all of us who secretly wished for a Long John Silver's? You've probably also wondered what might go into that long lovely loft on the second and/or third floors.

An insider tells the Q there's going to be a Bikram Yoga studio and art-music-dance-culture center from longtime hero Kwayera Archer-Cunningham and her wonderful Ifetayo program. She's one of those indefatigable humans who brings a positive global perspective to the arts and youth empowerment. I've seen Ifetayo's African drumming and dancing groups, and witnessed their work in the schools. First rate, with passion for its mission, Ifetayo rocks.

Both would be welcome additions to the neighborhood, in a great location. Now about that Long John Silver's, I may just have to start a petition...

And lest ye think the Q isn't thinking of your breaded fish needs, check out the coupon below. Just print, snip and save!!!

And don't forget to sign up for this winner...

And to tie it all together, did you know that "scuttlebutt" is actually an old seaman's term? Apparently the sailors used to share gossip over the ascestor of the water cooler, a/k/a the "butt" or cask of water, which had been "scuttled" to make an opening. The modern water cooler is next of kin, a place for frivolous conversation. Today, much of this frivolity is done online, and its name is Twitter.


Anonymous said...

I hope that is true I'd LOVE a bikram studio in the hood! I have no problems with Vero yoga and wish I could go more but the hours aren't hugely convenient for the 9-5ers and hopefully another studio would provide more times to practice!

Anonymous said...

I love and long for Long John's Silver all the time. Growing up in upstate NY it was always such a special treat to eat there. I know this sounds sarcastic but its not. I love their hush puppies!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Q, speaking of real estate, did you see the condo conversion on your block is selling like hot cakes? I wonder what "we are working with tenants to leave the building " really means.

Anonymous said...

Does Jus Fishy on Flatbush serve hush puppies? I can't recall. Perhaps put in a request!

ducksy said...

Hey, one of the best chicken tenders I've ever had was at Long John Silvers...the kind of juicy gourmands dream of, perfectly crispy, and I don't know how it came out of a fast food joint.

And then there are the hush puppies.

Anonymous said...

A yoga studio with convenient hours may just keep me from moving out of PLG.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of fish...(reading all that LJS talk made me think about this and meanwhile, I'm starving) I was at Golden Krust on Flatbush between Maple & Midwood and was handed a piece of their catfish (it was like a strip).

I usually go in there to get Jerk Wings and Chicken Patties. ...anyway I was in there to get the checkout the guy said, "Hey, you wanna try a piece of catfish?" I obliged.

I decided to unravel the foil and try this catfish as I walked down Midwood. The result?

Instantly hooked! I actually stopped about a third of the way down the block comtemplating whether I should go back and get some more.

However, I decided to tempt myself with this local delicacy another time since I had already spent about $30 on food & drink. Also, the pink lime Backhome beverage drink is really good. Its the only one I've tasted so far.

BTW, Q, don't stop reporting on crimes and the like in the neighborhood because a few blissful whiners complain that "it makes the neighborhood sound bad", etc. Awareness is much better than ignorance. Awareness can keep you safe. Ignorance can get you victimized.

Thats it and thats all.
People, be safe.

msbossyrossy said...

bikram within walking distance...Hallelujah!!! ahem. namaste!!!!!

Anonymous said...

BIKRAM!!! Oh that just got my hot pants in a bunch. I train into Herald Square almost DAILY to practice and would so so so WELCOME the hot, sticky addition to the 'hood.