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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bluebird Does the Trick

On another note, Bluebird Cafe quietly opened last week at 504 Flatbush, cross from the beloved Phat Albert Gym, where Albert works off the pounds while watching reruns of the Cosby show. By the time I visited on Monday, they'd worked out some kinks but it was generally chill in that way that a place that's still working out some kinks can be. Owner Jim Mamary was struggling to get the backyard grill working at opening time, so we waited a bit for our hot dogs (we had four children and three adults...thus, we were grateful for the grilled hot dogs on the menu and the large space and picnic table out back to lessen the blow to other diners). But the salads were nice, fresh, a good departure from LPT fare. The bar is destined to be a destination, much more adult than LPT and bigger than the bar on its restaurant side. Btw, a waiter told us that LPT would likely be around til next summer. But hey, time is just different in the restaurant biz.

Look, the place is great, a welcome addition, not terribly alarming or overpriced or too this or that. The front "community space" is dynamite; a great place to hold a meeting with drinks or watch the big game. The dining room is attractive and cozy. The food seems decent and will likely only get better. The staff was super friendly and eager for the place to be a success. On a scale from one to two it gets a two, the Q's highest rating.

You see, the Q isn't a big "restaurant guy," but it seems like a particularly fickle business, this restauranteuring. Places come, they go, menus change, staff changes, trends come and go, places become hot then they're not. I just can't keep up. It's like indie rock. Either you go down the rabbit whole and never quite get a grasp, or you do like me and order the cheeseburger. If it's good, you're good. If it's bad, well, it's still pretty good and maybe the fries were fine. Then, if you're in the mood for salad, then you get the salad. If it's good you go to your companion "hey, this salad is pretty good," and they say "yes, but I don't like the artichoke" and then you say "hey, can I have your artichoke?" and she says "okay, can I have some of your fries?" then you look at the check and say "gee, each thing seemed reasonably priced so why is this more than $100?" but then you remember that you ALWAYS think that, and it's always around $100 and you go home and pay the sitter $100 and wonder why you didn't just heat up some leftover rice and beans from the Dominican place, because it's really damn delicious next day and it costs $200 less.

I'm looking forward to many happy returns, and I wish Jim and the whole crew a heaping helping of good vibes and cold hard cash.

A Garden With a View of the Q

Normally they have oysters; not that Monday

A good place to break up with your boyfriend? Try it out and see!


PLG Flatbush said...

Let's cut to the chase. Does anyone know how the drinks are or how much they run? I'm tired of the ~$10+ drinks at MangoSeed made with sour mix. I didn't order Koolaid, I ordered a margarita.

jenna cardinale said...

There wasn't a cocktail menu, but drafts are $5 and glasses of wine are $8. Good selection of both.

L. said...

Went here last night and enjoyed it. Their backyard is large and very nice, and the indoor section looks comfortable too. I had the fancy grilled cheese (with apples and roasted tomato), which hit the spot. Hopefully they'll be adding more side dish options soon. They serve pie from Four and Twenty Blackbirds. A great addition to the neighborhood.