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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

C'mon Y'all! Show A Little Love For Kwenci!

It's really not a lot of dough. Barely more than $2,000, and Kwenci Jones can complete and protect the beautiful jungle mural at the Q/B/S Prospect Park station on Flatbush.

Kwenci came before the Community Board last night and asked if there was something wrong with the mural that people don't want to give. It broke my heart, because pretty much every kid in the neighborhood loves this mural. Heck I love it. Do any of you remember what an ugly disaster that wall was before his work? This thing is iconic!

In the spirit of the season, please consider a gift of any size. It'll mean a lot to this artist, a former Marine who has dedicated much of his life to guiding young folks in the right direction, in collaboration with Richard Greene from the Crown Heights Youth Collective.

Thx in advance for giving!


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