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Friday, April 24, 2015

RSVP For Sunday's Big Beautification Day

From the indefatigable Amy Musick comes an event that you simply MUST attend. But it helps to RSVP to Amy directly. See the below note about Volunteering to beautify the Lincoln Road entrance to the Park. Note from Amy below:

Hi Neighbors -
Do you love Prospect Park?  Do you enter and exit the park at Lincoln Road?  Do you spend hours at Lincoln or Imagination Playground?  Do you live or work in PLG?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions, PLEASE COME SUNDAY, APRIL 26th at 10am to help us spruce up the Lincoln Road entrance to Prospect Park and surrounding areas!

I have worked the Prospect Park Volunteer Corps ( to set up this special event, and I guaranteed AT LEAST 15 ADULT (age 18+) VOLUNTEERS - but honestly, I think together we can far surpass that number if our neighborhood can come out in full-force to show how much we care about our park and our streets!  If you can make this event please E-MAIL ME DIRECTLY at so I can get a preliminary headcount and register you for the event.  Kids are welcome, but must be with an adult who will be with them at all times (come on parents - all those hours we spend at the playgrounds - let's make them even more welcoming and show our kids how to help beautify our neighborhood).  Maybe you can even get a group together from your block, school or business and volunteer together?  That would be awesome.

Below are more details about the event provided to me by the Volunteer Corps.

Date and Time:Sunday, April 26th 2015—10am-1pm
Timeline: 10am- Volunteers Arrive and sign-in10:15am- Project Begins12:45pm- Wrap-up Project and Pack up Tools1:00pm- Volunteers Depart
Meeting Place:Lincoln Road & Ocean Ave- Lincoln Road Entrance
Keep in Mind:1.  Wear clothes that you do not mind getting dirty2.  Wear long pants, not shorts3.  Do not wear open-toed shoes or sandals4.  Do not bring a lot of baggage- there won’t be anywhere to lock it up5.  All necessary tools and materials will be provided6.  RAIN OR SHINE


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