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Monday, July 13, 2015

Lawyers Are Good At Writing Letters

Say what you will about lawyers. They can write letters! Clear, concise letters, with a bit of bold in the right places. They are saying "leave the folks alone til they get due process," though in reality the family I know best just signed a lease for public housing on Friday. After 5 years of "homelessness" at 60 Clarkson. To say that she and her kids are ecstatic doesn't quite capture it. In a couple weeks, they will have a home. They don't have any furniture, but as she says they'll find it bit by bit. And they will. They're survivors. One can only hope that with some stability she can get through nursing school.
You know, I have a sister in law with very much the same situation - six kids, no job, living in Texas. The conditions that led to that single-mom situation are besides the point. Suffice to say there's some odd mental twists that lead an intelligent person into that situation. But to call it her fault would be a sick stretch. Shit happens. So you can make generalizations about the homeless population, or single moms with many children from multiple fathers, or people who "milk the system." But in reality, people deserve a chance, a place to live, a meal, and health care. In the world's richest society, where the vast majority of our citizens are self-supporting and the majority of our taxes go to a military industrial complex, I think it's hardly a hardship to take care of those in need. How we do that, and the way we prepare people for self-sufficiency, determines what sort of society we are. 

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Brenda from Flatbush said...

Bravo--and that from a paleoconservative. To whom shit has happened in this life.