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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Poppin' Up Like Prairie Dogs

Someone noted the construction fence around the beloved BP station, one of the last of its kind (the triangle design where you're pretty much encouraged to make your own entrance and exit.) Per some sleuthing from neighborhood eagle-eyes, it appears they're merely replacing the tanks below the surface or some such. And I was hoping for a drive-thru Hardee's.

And for kix, the Q is obliged to share random photos of stuff going up in the neighborhood, with a recent update on the Ballgreen building on Lenox. For those of us on the South Side, the Lenox/Bedford/Nostrand/Clarkson corridors are absolutely stunning examples of the building boom, while the protected "historic" areas on the north of Lefferts remain, understandably, largely untouched.. Head north of Empire, or east of Rogers however, and you'll see more than a dozen tear-downs and build-ups. What with that and 626 Flatbush, the new Lincoln Road building at the Q/B/S (location location location!) and the new building on Parkside next to 123 on the Park, you've got yourself a whole new neighborhood's worth of people. Again, location. As with the tens of thousands before us, the Park beckons.

Surely you've heard of Blueballs? The Ballgreen complex suggests another condition, or perhaps, as is often the case, it's an amalgam of names, such as a Mr. Ball and a Mr. Green. We may never know.

From YIMBY's on-the-ball Rebbecca come these pictures and Ballgreen update. A mere sampling of the more than 100 projects within a subway station from you.


Anonymous said...

Any idea what the BP fence forebodes?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

nothin'. apparently it's just to replace the tanks.

Parkdog said...

You mentioned McD's lot being subdivided, anything further on that. Possible development above it?