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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Clarkson Near Hospital - Hudson Bets Big

Adding to their already gargantuan project at the corner of Nostrand and Clarkson (you've seen it - nearly done actually) comes word of their next door behemoth at 350 Clarkson. Fat and relatively short, these aren't the sorts of projects that raise too may eyebrows. Folks up the Nostrand 2/5 line can expect a bit more traffic, and rent pressure will continue along Nostrand and nearby. More restaurants and bars serving the new residences are surely gleans in savvy biz-eyes.

More on the project from YIMBY.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A building that shouldn't get many raised eyebrows. Fits the context and adds more units, which are desperately needed.
You bring up the real thing I'm worried about. Subways are going to get MISERABLE before long. Between these in/between crown heights, the ones on the Q line, and the towers downtown. There are a few thousand more people needing to *likely* commute into Manhattan. The trains can already be too crowded and MTA seems to have no solution coming.