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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Jesse Hamilton Takes the Low Road

The Q has seen some shifty shenanigans in just his decade of paying close attention to Central Brooklyn politics. In races where a few hundred votes in a primary can win you a job for life, well, they do say politics is dirty. But then there's just plain shitty.

Maybe you got an email yesterday from "WokeBrooklyn" talking smack about the one "real" elected official round here - Diana Richardson. Now anyone who knows Diana knows she's wide awake, and anyway knocking a strong black elected for not caring about black history in the schools? After being an early co-sponsor before realizing it was largely for show? Because she dared smell a rat and call it a rat? What a weird attack, sent to thousands.

Okay. That's politics, not the shitty part. The crazy part is that the anonymous email came from none other than the "Honorable" Jesse Hamilton. Did he want us to figure that out? Cuz he didn't cover his tracks very well:

All that poorly cloaked dagger for petty name-calling, with no signature or address other than the laughable, faked as well, like it was some actual organization. If Jesse's poorly timed choice to caucus with Republicans the year Trump won the election isn't enough to move you to the Zell column, this should do it. Really, Jesse. Bringing Tupac in to diss Diana? At least have the balls to sign your own name. And all this because Diana dared buck the machine and throw some support behind Zell. Disgraceful.

Assembly Member Diana Richardson is selling out the Black community for crumbs! Richardson appears to support Black and Caribbean Americans, however, she has consistently put politics and political parties above her beloved black community. In the last two years the Black History Education Bill has failed to become legislation because of Assembly Member Diana Richardson. The bill passed in the New York State Senate, but has not been put before the Assembly for a vote because Richardson, with the help of the Working Families Party, has continuously blocked the bill.

The Black History Education bill would allow for the establishment of a commission to develop and recommend a curriculum that incorporates the contributions of African-Americans, including the Woman’s Abolitionist Movement and the Harlem Renaissance, to name a few.  Richardson has denied all of our children Black History Education because she is controlled by the the white led Working Families Party. Her alleged support of the black and Caribbean community is nothing more than a fraud to keep her in office and in good standing with the Working Families Party. A more important question to be asked, is if she cares about the community and the children of the community, why deny them the opportunity to learn about a history that is inclusive of all the contributions of blacks, women and culture that make our beloved country great. If she cares, she should help push and pass this bill.


Anonymous said...

Hamilton is awful, sure. But so is Diana. Either way, did you bother to do your own whois search? This one is just copied from Diana and looks very fake... almost like someone is trying to divert attention from something else.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the latest semester is underway at the Clown College...From February of 2018.

babs said...

I actually know who did that search (several people actually) and it wasn't Diana Richardson. Maybe she can break it down a bit for you:

Anonymous said...

In that case, maybe you know someone that can provide a non-altered screenshot that shows the entire page?

As for the video - I think you'll find most people in this district want Jesse and Diana out. Jesse for being a pseudo-republican and Diana for her treatment of children and general unwillingness to own her own mistakes.

Either way, right now we have this sloppily doctored screenshot that tells us nothing. And a current whois search does not link Mr. Hamilton... so, what's the point of all of this?

Camille from ANEW said...

Thanks for shedding light there. I woke up to that email in my inbox the other day and sent the following response (and then unsubscribed because "woke" is such a toothless descriptor):

I'm no fan of politicians or the government but Diana Richardson is the only politician who consistently shows up for this neighborhood at all.  Food, housing, jobs....she's trying to do her little part or whatever.

If you want to get black history into more schools you need to work with the parents and students and actual build people power rather than just blindly trusting one person to do it for you. 

The revolution is in the streets...hope to see you there!

MikeF said...

I'm sure the tiny % of people who vote in these elections will find this interesting

Seth said...

I thought it was common knowledge that Jesse's email list was being used for this kind of thing (don't get me wrong I appreciate the good reporting). I have gotten a lot of emails from different sources and I could always tell this was where they were emanating from.

My question - is this legal to send out campaign literature like this without identifying its source? Anyone know?

babs said...

Anonymous July 8 4:31: Of course an updated search doesn't show him associated with it now as he paid the $10 to register it to an LLC through Go Daddy (which he'd apparently overlooked before LOL), and there are MANY screenshots all over Twitter and FB showing full comparisons of BOTH before and after pages.

Most people I know (myself included) are very pleased with Diana Richardson's performance for us since her election, and the other comments you make about her are both ridiculous and unfounded.

And Seth I received this email both at my personal email address (which I'd previously asked to unsubscribe from his list, only to be treated to a very nasty response saying Jesse "didn't need [my] racist support anyway") and my professional email, which as far as I know he shouldn't have had, though it's not hard to find.

Anonymous said...

My other comments about her are not ridiculous or unfounded. She was charged with a crime:

It was later dropped, of course, because who would want to hold a powerful person responsible for how they treat children...

Hamilton is awful. He will hopefully lose. He has cost the citizens of New York much. But pasting a screenshot from Richardson is not "reporting," it is just furthering her goals and interests. Hamilton may have sent the email and hosts the website. He was already beyond redemption, so it is hard to care. But this overwhelming enthusiasm for someone who's main skill seems to be giving lip service to helping the community is baffling to many. She is a bully. And while she may differ in many areas from our current President, I can't imaging supporting someone that seems to have such a similar core. But perhaps that is part of the appeal?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in Richardson's leadership, but I do believe that she's influential, and can use her powers for good. I'd love to see her collaborate with Creative Resistance and help run Hamilton out of town.

Richardson lost me with "Kill The Deal." To take such a blunt approach to a project with many benefits for the community demonstrates a lack of nuanced that I think our representatives need. That said, between the Clarkes, Eugene, and Hamilton, Richardson is far and away the best we've got.