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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Love and Race and Politics. Oh My!

A lot, a lot, a lot to unpack here.

We get that Alicia Boyd and her few remaining friends want Jesse Hamilton for State Senate. We also know she illegally uses her non-profit to raise money for these political shenanigans, even sometimes colluding with Hamilton. And we've seen Hamilton create fake groups to endorse him, like "Woke Brooklyn" and even "Michelle Obama Political Club" (that's the best you could do? like Michelle would consider supporting a dude who caucused with Republicans? you must think we're all dumbasses, Jesse!)

And yet both Ms. Boyd and Senator Hamilton make truly relevant points on a whole host of issues, which makes their dirty tactics so much more perplexing. Were she able to handle a bit of civil dialogue, were he able to simply stand behind his own actions without race-baiting, we might even get to the meat of the matter.

Suddenly, softly, in the dusk of a hot hot day, we get a new email from the MTOPP club (Militant Tantrumming Obstructionist Political Party) playing the Love Card. The email's header is "Love Over Hate" and so we read on to learn exactly how love might once again save the day against all that is dark and foreboding.

Psyche. It's not about love at all. It actually IS about hate. But read on. She actually claims that the hate group "the Progressive Left" has a problem with Hamilton because of his blackness. When in fact, no one had a problem with any of his able senatorness, til he denied his party power in Albany and allowed a couple of shysters from Jerktown run the show for awhile. And while he claims he received threats from the Liberal Left, the fact is he received the sort of threats that all politicians get, from a few unstable crazies. I mean theQ gets threats, and I'm not even making laws for everyone. Though that would be pretty cool, and the first one would be to declare the Age of the Wrap over. Stop making wraps. No one likes them, and they don't even save you calories. They're just shitty burritos.

When are people going to realize that crazy emails and twitter rants and facebook posts are not to be taken as more than trolling? The lone black state legislator from Vermont felt compelled to drop out of the race because of...a twitter flurry. That makes me so sad. But also, people, come on! Now's not the time to let an Asshole On Twitter get us down, is it? I can't hear you...IS IT??

Were Hamilton's opponent a white gentrifier, rather than a black guy from the neighborhood named Zellnor, maybe you could stomach his and her take on "identity politics." But it's just lame, and patronizing, and manages to talk down to both his supporters and detractors alike. Yes, voters can think for themselves Jesse. Even when they think it's time for a change. Which, it is. Vote Sept 13. Yes, that's a Thursday. Ridiculous.

Identity Politics - A Grab For Power!
What is Identity Politics? 

This is when a voter simply identifies with a political party instead of a candidate's record and actions.  Since Trump came into power, the Democratic machine has been focusing on this concept and swaying the minds of the people, basically making this a party war.

However, right under our noses, there is the push for real estate dealsgentrification, the selling off of our public land and now the endangerment of one of most precious green spaces in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, by the Democratic party.

The danger for Black folks is our loyalty to the Democratic party, coupled with a serious campaign against the Republican party. This has created to a system in place to dis-empower us!
New Hate Group - The Progressive Left
There is a new group of people, the white gentrifiers, who call themselves the progressive left, attempting to gain power in our community via identity politics.  They don't have voting power, that still remains in Black people's hands, but they have money and a plan.

This group has been on the scene in our community for the past several years and one of their main targets has been Senator Jesse Hamilton, because of his pro-black stance, and the litigation he has been pushing forward in the State Senate.

Their Actions.

The Progressive Left have been protesting Senator Jesse Hamilton every time he has pushed to protect Blacks against displacement or empowering us via education. Their message of hate has been felt and observed by many of the people in our community.

For example, last June, during the Bedford Union Armory hearing, where Senator Jesse Hamilton was denouncing this development, as simply a give away of public land, which would further the displacement of Black people in our community, the  Progressive Left demonstrated against Hamilton.

This year when Senator Jesse Hamilton was pushing for all year around Black History education he was subject to abusive behavior, being called the "N" wordetc..  Even the Editor of  Kings County Politics online magazine stated the Progressive Left were the senders of this hate.

"Editor's Note: As the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of KCP, I have  been made aware of the and seen a number of examples of Twitter/Facebook Campaigns as well as emails and letters directed both towards myself and State Sen. Jesse Hamilton (D-Central Brooklyn) that either border on being hateful and racist or actually are hateful and racist.  To be clear some of these messages appear to be coming from the extreme right, but a majority of them are coming from the progressive left.

This group also did a negative campaign against Jesse via the Facebook platformwhen he was opposing the Nail Salon incident, where black women were beat.

It is clear what their political agenda is - to dis-empower and remove any elected official who is pushing pro-black legislation and stopping development that would displace us.

Their justification for all of the protesting is the fact that Jesse Hamilton was once a part of the now defunct IDC.  Simply disregarding all of the positive legislation and money Jesse Hamilton has obtained for the Black Community.  That is because they don't represent people of color they represent themselves. 
We Must Not Remain In the Dark!
Loyalty to the Democratic Party is our weakness.  We need to break away from Identify Politics and start choosing candidates for what they do for us and not what party they stem from!

We also have to beware of the power struggles coming into our community!  We should only support candidates that are actively engaged in empowering us, not by making grand speeches but by pushing legislation that does empower us!

For example, Senator Hamilton is now pushing a bill to make calling the cops on  Black folks a hate crime!  That is what we want all of elected officials to do.  We need to ensure that the ones who are supporting us,stay in power because rest assure that the ones that are being supported by the progressive left like Zellnor, will not!

We should not allow Zellnor's campaign representatives influence our decision, simply because they scream that Jesse Hamiton is a Republican!  That he supports Republicans.  That he is the reason that Trump is still in the White House.

We have to see behind the lies and untruths; the poltiical jargon.  We must see what is there right in front of us.  A Black Puppet, being pulled by people who hate!
Choosing Love Over Hate!
Do not ever under estimate the power of Love.  We know these new folks bring hate and racism to our community. However we stand strong with love in our hearts for our people, our way of life, ourculture and the people who choose to protect us and empower us.

We even send love to those who hate knowing that whatever you send out you will get back ten time fold.

We will not submit to hate mail, name calling, outright lies and deceit.  We will hold our heads up high, we will be apart of the light and we will prevail as we always have under racism and hate.


diak said...

I think just the fact that should Mr Hamilton be reelected, MTOPP will expect payback for its support, is enough to cause me to vote for Mr Myrie. For some reason Jesse seems to be a reasonably good player who chooses to play with some pretty bad teams...

Anonymous said...

You can "pick the wrong team" once, or maybe even twice. How many mistakes does it take before you're not a "good player" but just a simple minded puppet? Which is the absolute worst thing any elected rep can be.

Oanhtt said...

Love Your Own Magic and TBB Soul on Fire!! I'm always carrying a rose quartz or tigers eye with me now ;) These podcasts are amazing! I'm also loving Earth to Us and The Health Code right now :) Great post Karlee!
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