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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Sunday You Must Taste Flatbush

There is little need these days to leave the neighborhood. Go local whenever possible. Drink local. Get your hair did local. Go to school local. And of course eat. Eat local. Taste the Flabenue.

So without further a-chew, here's what you need to know to support local bizzes and kid-centric non-profit Seeds in the Middle. Sunday. BUY TICKETS HERE or at Awesome gifts. My understanding is you can buy either 4 or 11 taste bunches of tickets then walk around to any of the businesses and get your taste, hang, get a feel for the joint then be able to honestly write a google review which, if positive, will help draw even more people to the place. So I hear. Apparently Google is really taking off. You heard it here first.

Tickets are on sale at Awesome Brooklyn, 617 Flatbush Avenue near Fenimore Street, or online.
The restaurants participating:
Allan’s Bakery – 1109 Nostrand Avenue
Awesome Brooklyn-Breukelen Rub – 617 Flatbush Avenue
Bishop Wells Sandwich Shop – 1206 Nostrand Avenue
Bonafini – 663 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn Perk Coffee – 605 Flatbush Avenue
Camille’s – 711 Flatbush Avenue
Camillo – 1146 Nostrand Avenue
The Chameleon BK – 546 Flatbush Avenue
Daleview Biscuits and Beer – 1170 Nostrand Avenue
DRINK PLG Wine & Spirits – 492 Flatbush Avenue
Edie Jo’s – 630 Flatbush Avenue
Erv’s – 2122 Beekman Place
Gold Room BK – 429 Rogers Avenue
Ix Restaurant Food Coffee & Cacao – 43 Lincoln Road
J & J Delicious Cakes – 664 Flatbush Avenue
Jamerican Produce (Hip2B Healthy Market) – 720 Flatbush Avenue
Midwood Flats – 577 Flatbush Avenue
Mo’s Original – 453 Rogers Avenue
Pels Pie Co. – 446 Rogers Avenue
Peppa’s – 738 Flatbush Avenue
Salem’s Hour – 1110 Nostrand Avenue
Taqueria El Patron Mexican Grill – 51 Lincoln Road
Toast – 1130 Nostrand Avenue
The Zombie House – 734 Flatbush Avenue
Learn more at and purchase tickets here.
Additional Tastes of Brooklyn Fall 2019 events include: Tastes of Franklin Avenue on Oct. 19 and the Smith Street Soup Fest on Oct. 26.

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