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Monday, December 16, 2019

Gramma's Mexican Vittles

This is all the Q needed to read to begin an early-morning saliva fest all over my PC keyboard:

“We’re going to have the food that you easily find in Mexico on the streets or when you go to the market,” said Castellanos. “It’s real food — like Grandma’s recipes.”
Menu items at the new business include tamales, tortas, guaraches, and atoles, a warm Mexican beverage made from corn dough. The team hopes to open their doors this weekend at 50 Lincoln Rd., the former site of Nagle’s Bagels. 

Brenda Capplanos and Ana Price (pic, apropos, by Ben Verde)
Across from their other excellent joints Ix and El Patron. Yum.

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John said...

Stopped over for some bfast tamales on Saturday - great food and fair prices. A welcome addition to the block!