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Monday, August 16, 2010

Fine Dining Comes to Southwest Lefferts Gardens!

Step right this way monsieur! My you look lovely this evening, madame! Usual table? Of course sir! Why thank you sir! Your generosity never ceases to amaze, sir! Nice hat! May I ask where you purchased such a lovely chapeau? You don't say! The haberdashery on Winthrop? I dare say Reginald has the gift! For our specials tonight...

Now that I've had my fun, perhaps y'all can hep me to your favorite takeout in the neighborhood. Don't hold your breath for a place that sells this whatsit:

Alls I'm saying it that until one of w'all get off our soapboxes and start dishing out the bouillabaisse, we'll just have to make due with some pretty amazing offerings around here (at a fraction of the cost and pretense and twice the portion size).

So give us some suggestions! I'll get this party started right, and say you gotta get the curry goat at Pepa's. Let her rip! I know you're out there, neighbors.


Anonymous said...

I like Taste of Tandoor on 1241 Flatbush Ave, although I mostly order delivery from them via

fromla2bklyn said...

I Love Bamboo Gardens on Flatbush between Clarkson & Lenox Road. It is a Guyanese/ West Indian place that serves excellent food and the portions are unbelievable for the price. I always catch the "Lunch Special" which runs from 11am to 4pm it is $4.00!! Yes 4.00! Or if you are a big spender try the Roti for $5.00! But they are known for their fried chicken and rice its Chinese Food with a Guyanese twist...Soo good! All of the curry dishes are awesome too. Unfortunately they do not deliver but if you are in the area go check it out! YUM!

theoldspeakjournal said...

Gandhi(From the owners of Joy in Prospect Heights)on Bedford Ave off Clarkson is THE TRUTH.
I ordered the lamb kurma, lamb malai, banana pakora, samosas, and mango lassi. EVERYTHING WAS RIDICULOUSLY GOOD!

If you want vegetarian, Zen Vegetarian House @ 773 Flatbush, it's delish, I've had pretty much everything on the menu there, and have never had a complaint. The soy shakes are heavenly!

Sushi Tatsu III @ 644 flatbush, has good, fresh, decent priced sushi.

For Spanish food, try Melany @ 785 flatbush is a good look, huge portions, and good food. Try the Morir Sonyando (Orange juice and milk drink)

Peppas On Flatbush off Clarkson is the place for delicious jerk chicken. Good sized portions...