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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Still Shopping For That Special Simian?

Those of you unfortunate enough to afford the indignity of air travel may have noticed this special offering in Sky Mall - The Garden Yeti, a swift spin on the Garden Gnome phenomenon. You can pick one up at Design Toscano's website.

Clearly you needn't have a garden to enjoy a garden yeti, or gnome for that matter. Just beware of the Garden Gnome Liberation Front, which in all seriousness has been known to steal the lazy green-thumbed little be-bearded fellows and release them into the wild. Proof that Americans really can sell other Americans just about anything, the Free the Gnomes website will sell you a T-Shirt advertising your solidarity with the movement.

In order to better cash in on the seeming endless need to own crap, I'm thinking of starting a website devoted to pre-Stalinest memorabilia. I'm calling it Trotsky's Tchotchkes. (five times fast, anyone?)

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