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Monday, January 23, 2012

Slowing Down Speeders

There's not a lot of time to act (deadline is beginning of February), but if enough of you want to see parts of Flatbush become "Neighborhood Slow Zones" - using a number of tested techniques to stop speeders - then the DOT has an application for you!

To make it happen, a representative neighborhood group (PLGNA or CB9 would qualify) puts together the app, showing the DOT that a near consensus of community residents agree to the DOT's Slow Zone objectives. Some rearrangement of on-street parking is involved, but generally it's about signage and bumps and markings, convincing drivers that our residential blocks are not speedways, and making those streets difficult to to go all Senna on in the first place. The goal is to get traffic down to a 20 mph limit from 30.

Below you can see that application and what's involved. And no, Flatbush Avenue doesn't qualify, or Rogers or Nostrand! It's about side streets...even my beloved Clarkson won't work cuz it's a bus route. But if YOU happen to be looking for a cause to champion, then PLEASE take this on! I'll hook you up with the people you need to know at PLGNA and CB9. Your job will primarily involve a) deciding which blocks to include and b) getting every neighbor, church, merchant and elected leader you can to sign on. They're doing it all over other parts of the why not here? Email me if you want to be the Vanquisher of Velocity.

1 comment:

diak said...

I salute the effort but with zero enforcement in Brooklyn it doesn't matter what the limit is.
I think the 30 mph is reasonable if that's what actually
happened on the road. Drive 30 and you get honked and cursed at...