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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dead Street Tree Log

The Q is compiling a list of dead street trees to present to Community Board 9 for replanting. I can't guarantee they will get to them THIS fall, but if we have a list that we can use to hold Brooklyn Forestry's feet to the fire we should be able to gauge progress. I know that I didn't get everything so help me out by commenting with trees I've missed. It'll be like a "wiki" thang, and I'll add your tree to the list before submitting it on July 1. And if you want to tell me about trees in Caledonia (CB14) or above Empire (Crown Heights) please do! I also know there's a bunch of dead trees on Lenox. I'm hoping someone will come forward to present CB14 with the same sort of list. I'm sure Shawn Campbell, district manager, will be glad to have the info all in one place. If you want to be that person, just shoot me an email and I'll make the introduction.

Here's what I got from tooling around on my bike over the past couple weeks:

224 Empire Blvd
229 Empire Blvd (2 trees dead)
408 Sterling Street
Sterling & Washington, NE Corner
456 Brooklyn (Empire/Sterling)
Sterling & Bedford, SE Corner
57 Lefferts Blvd
1783 & 1793 Bedford (Sterling/Lefferts)
Lincoln Road at Ocean (we already got these on the docket)
166 Rutland
45 Hawthorne
56 Winthrop
44 Winthrop
96 Winthrop (across the street!)
105 Winthrop
225 Parkside (one of the two new trees didn't make it)
566 Parkside (across the street!)
601 Parkside (three alongside school near Rogers)
161 Clarkson

And notably, there are no street trees on Rogers (Lincoln/Lefferts) and almost none on Fenimore (Rogers to Nostrand). An enterprising resident might consider requesting a whole street full of trees, as we did here on Clarkson. It can make a big, big difference in lots of ways. me fill in the blanks!


Rudy on Winthrop said...

Sadly, one of the two trees in front of the Popeye's on Parkside will be dead within a day or two. (It never fully came into leaf; the heat spell did it in.)

But, Q, thank you for this service.

Noel Hefele said...

Oh no! Sad to hear about the Popeye's tree. :(

I think there is also one on Beekman....

Anonymous said...

Those trees in front of Popeyes on Parkside have it really rough: tons of heat exposure, soil compaction from pedestrians, and nobody seems to water them. They need a responsible person to look after them. Who takes care of the grass and rose bushes next to Popeyes? It would take very little extra effort to keep those trees healthy. I actually watered them during the heat wave, which involved filling up a half dozen 5-gallon buckets and driving them over in my truck. But it's not practical to do that, especially when there's a locked water tap on the side of the Popeyes building.

If the city replaces the dead tree (that will be the second that's died in that spot) can someone please find out who has access to water at that building? That's the only way a tree is going to survive in that location.

City should also plant something more drought/compaction tolerant than sweetgum next time. Lovely tree, but you need something extremely hardy there. Saguaro?

Anonymous said...

Just to follow up on that last comment, here's a list of city-approved street trees:

interesting to note that both species that have died at 225 Parkside, Tulip Poplar and Sweetgum, are not drought-tolerant. I don't know who in the parks dept picks the species for each site, but you'd think they'd at least follow their own guidelines!

On my block, Willow Oak, Hardy Rubber and Littleleaf Linden have all done very well with a little care. Hardy Rubber appears to be invincible.

Anonymous said...

You got the ones I've noticed.

Thank you for doing this!


ElizabethC said...

I remember Rudy talking to someone who lived in the building in front of the dying tree during "Flowers for Flatbush", and trying to get someone to talk to about watering them. So sad...a tree cut down before the prime of life.

Unknown said...

We currently have a tree in our house that is dying from lack of sunlight. Anyone know if it would permissible to plant at one of the locations you've listed? Since you're an official CB9 member maybe that makes it okay? Thoughts?