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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stanchions To The Rescue

From Elizabeth C over in the heart of Caledonia comes this delightful picture:

According to Park employees, someone stole this rental car, tried to make a getaway through the Parade Grounds but got stuck. Finding no way around the stanchions, the thieves left the wheels with keys in the ignition. How they got the keys, and got INTO the Parade Grounds in the first place, remains yet another great Caledonian mystery. Why they panicked and didn't just back up and find another manner of egress...a sudden surprise surge of scruples maybe? Curfew?


ElizabethC said...

and it was FINALLY gone this morning. Which I could say that about the swanky abandoned mattress in front of UMMA's playground, which has been there for a week!

Noah Apple Mayers said...

Ha I knew there was an interesting story behind this strangely parked van! Thanks!