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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Trash is Trash

Was out sleuthing the sludge the other day, looking for the worst offending dumpers of detritus, when I came across this uncomely sight at 700 Flatbush, or rather, between 698 and 700 Flatbush:

I'm giving you two views so you can gain a true appreciate for the depth of the dump.

The folks at Beautiful You are good about cleaning in front of their store, and can't be expected to deal with this level of crap on a regular basis. It's actually a tree pit right in front of a slim alley that's behind the mammoth 225 Parkside, you know the building that houses Popeye's and Family Pizza etc. So technically, it's their responsibility, not any of the commercial establishments. Now I was getting somewhere, because I've called and gotten them to deal with their mountains of trash before. So I sent Pearl Miles the deets, expecting it to be days before anyone dealt with it over at DSNY. I mean there was like dried cement from a construction job in there and everything. But by mid-afternoon, this tree pit, which had been covered in garbage for more than a week was cleaned up.  And sure enough, Pearl had arranged everything.

Thanks Pearl. She really does know how to get things done. When you're at your wits end about garbage, or just about anything having to do with City services, please, please, please call her. (718) 778-9279. Don't expect Mary Tyler Moore in the phone manners department and you'll be pleasantly surprised; Pearl is a lot of fun and she'll always shoot straight. No bull, ever. Or if you prefer a little bull, you could post here if you like and I'll call her. I can do bull, no problem.

I'd like to think Sanitation would just take care of this stuff, but I guess they like to be reminded that we really love them and need them.

Next up, dealing with that sand pit on the sidewalk near the Wendy's. Remember when I called Pearl and told her about that hole? Well, they came and filled it in with sand. And like a fool, I just assumed someone would come along and eventually fill it in with, I dunno, cement?


Anonymous said...

The bag and ironing board were put there first looks like, then the rest of the garbage comes from passers by flinging their drink and food containers on top of an illegally placed garbage bag because in their view the bag gives them permission to do that. Lame.

diak said...

I've noticed that that corner building usually has one or two trash bags hanging off the iron fence... but it seems to do no good. The entryway, sidewalk and little patch of grass are always littered with trash. And nobody seems to notice or care.

And re the tree pit/garbage dumps: don't you love it when you see someone gently, carefully place their bottle/cup/Wendy's scraps/whatever in the pile? Like if you thoughtlessly toss it, its litter; but if you put it there "nicely," it's what? Detritus art?

Bob Treuber said...

The littering, the double-parking, the excessive speeding cars -- seems so many of the small irritants that drive these "quality of life" comments are ACTUALLY AGAINST THE LAW. Sure these minor infractions pale against the shootings and drug dealing. Anyone remember the Squeegee Men" and Giuliani's Campaign? Crazy idea but could the beat cops issue tickets to people for these stupid infractions? Would it have any effect? I dunno. What are the reasons not to experiment with it?

Anonymous said...

If the beat cops aren't going to deal with issues like drug dealing, they should be doing something, anything. Post them at tree pits and have them stand there all day to prevent littering.

Anonymous said...

We need a zero tolerance policy around here so people realize this isn't the place to litter, let your dog sh*t all over, loiter, speed, double-park, sell drugs, rob people, shoot people, etc. A lot of people simply don't care and they'll continue committing quality of life crimes until it hits them where it hurts; in their wallets.

Rudy on Winthrop said...

There was something inspired about layering that ironing board on top of that demolition waste; I admired that trash pile all week. And it's back! Three excellent Hefty bags, and a nice supplement of general greasy filth, as of about 3pm Sunday afternoon. (Sorry, Q, no photo.)

Anyway. I second Bob Treuber's sentiments.

Anonymous said...

While my family wasn't a fan of Giuliani's politics, I can appreciate the sentiment behind cracking down on quality of life crimes. Speaking of which, someone may want to step up on patrols to catch fare beaters at subway stations and chase away people begging for money on the train and those "showtime!" "perfomers".

It's also high time someone enforced the pooper scooper law. What would happen if someone were to do a citizen's arrest?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it the city's job to enforce these ordinances?

And they don't need cops, they can get enforcement agents to issue tickets. Let the cops handle SERIOUS issues like drug dealers and the speeders on Flatbush Avenue.

Anonymous said...

The city could refund the school budget cuts for all they'd collect in fines in this neighborhood alone for littering and speeding and not scooping poo.

G.M. Smith, Jr. said...

More trash cans on the west side of Flatbush would go a long way. We've got the extra long blocks on this side of the street because of the train tracks and little cup-de-sacs, and that means fewer corners, and fewer cans. How do we request some more?