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Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween on the East Side

CONFIRMED ROUTE AND TIME: 71st Community Council Precinct and the 71st Precinct Halloween Walk is Thursday October 31st @ 5:30pm on Rutland & Flatbush.

Route: Walk will begin on Rutland Road & Flatbush Ave & will proceed in Rutland Road to Rogers Ave to Midwood Street to Bedford Ave, left on Midwood Street to Bedford Ave, right on Bedford to Maple Street, right on Maple Street to New York Ave, left on New York Ave to Empire Blvd to the 71st Precinct.

Pslope (pronounce pslope) might have the biggest and most historically hyped Halloween parade in B-town, but if you have little ones and aren't hip to the Lefferts "Safe Walk" Trick or Treat route, let me dial you in. The 71st Precinct shuts down traffic on a few blocks on Halloween night with the help of the Lefferts Manor Association, and all the lucky single-family homeowners in the district get to pony up the booty for a truly sweet and sugary good time for all. Tell all the kids nearby that if they want to get off the main drags, where bodega owners reluctantly scoop out goodies, that they are ALL more than welcome to participate. I heard a group of kids asking last year if they were "allowed" to trick or treat on the Safe Walk streets and the answer is an emphatic yes. This is an opportunity for families to experience a true door-to-door trick/treat early eve without fear of razor blades in apples or smashing pumpkins (neither gourd nor band).

The route will be announced in a few days, but it's usually a sinewy path down the Maple/Midwood/Rutlands of the 'hood between Flatbush and Nostrand. A lot of local families have grown used to being on the route and really put on a show. Having gone for the last three years I can tell you it's truly one of the loveliest nights in the neighborhood. (Eric L: Please have my Twix at the ready. And yes, Prospect Park has a lot of fun Halloweeny stuff though it's mostly to the West of us.)

This Saturday don't miss Ghouls and Gourds at the Botanic Garden from Noon to Six. It's an outstanding good time, and this year my favorite junior high school aged band Unlocking the Truth are playing! When you click the below, make sure you make it to at least 50 seconds in...these guys make me SO want to be 14 and in my first band again...though this kind of music didn't even EXIST yet...

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