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Monday, October 7, 2013


Free trees are treeconomical, no question 'bout it. My tree lasses and I dropped by the Maple Street Community Garden in the drizzle yesterday for not one but TWO free trees, fully expecting to need the borrowed mini-van, but in fact the trees were more the size of Charlie Brown's much maligned choice of his x-mas special, and they probably could have been carried on a child's scooter. Still, they're just what the doctor ordered, and let me tell you that garden is looking fan-effing-tastic. So much love has gone into it in so little time. Do you remember what a dump it was?

Hannah West and crew (which included Hannah's wee one - congrats!) were serving goodies and showing off all their good work. Seems the lot has belonged to a ne'er-do-well for quite some time and his shenanigans sent him to jail more than once, leaving the lot to the dogs. Enter some concerned neighbors with a rake and a shovel, some compost and mulch, and a new day is dawning on Maple the 3rd.



Anonymous said...

do they have a website of FB page or anything? I might have some stuff to donate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

you can also email directly at and they have a facebook page, it's easy to find.