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Monday, November 18, 2013

As Easy as 123 (On the Park)

Just rode by the ol' Caledonian Hospital tonight and noticed a bunch of lights on. You could see right in. Looked like many of the apartments in the main building are doggone finished.

Walk up close, and you see this sign (please excuse the was nighttime and I couldn't find the scaffold's light switch)

The most useful piece of info on the poster is that it will open in Summer 2014.

I know nothing about architecture, except to say...ewww. That is to say I'm sure they'll make lovely homes, but...ewwww. College library much? Dorms? Office Park?

Like I said I look forward to welcoming new neighbors some time next year.

* To those who do renderings for a living, I ask a simple question. Does it cross one's mind what sort of person to put in the foreground of the picture, crossing the street in front of the building? Probably just a random choice, yes? Or perhaps in honor of the Caledonian's Scottish heritage, she hails from Edinburgh? A Scottish attorney perhaps? Once again, always thin. So very thin, the people in these new buildings are to be. I wonder whether the doorways are especially narrow as well. And the elevators have artificially low maximum weights! Bodymassist Developers!


Anonymous said...

I love you, Q! Always good for a late-night laugh...

Anonymous said...

I think the re-use of this hospital building is really great. If it's a successful development for this area it could encourage some developer to take interest in redeveloping and renovating the Phat Albert building.