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Friday, June 26, 2015

Caribbean Bouquet

Man these are awesome (below). If you haven't experienced Labor Day Weekend around here, you're in for a treat. The costumes are so spectacular, the mood so festive, it's contagious. Yes, there are often outbursts of violence and we always hope this year will be different. But anytime you have a party of half a million people spread over a couple square miles, I'm afraid it's somewhat inevitable. So don't believe the hype. West Indian Day is the biggest and brightest NYC celebration, to rival New Orleans' Carnival. Plus J'ouvert, which is quite simply an all night mind-blower.

From a neighbor:

Alicia, one of the costumers for this year's Caribbean Day Parade, will had a preview of her work on display for the public today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday) after 4PM until about 7PM at The Place. (The Q was sadly too busy to post promptly, but I hope a lot of you stopped in to ogle. Just check out these beauties!)

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