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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Nasty Wreck At Maple & Rogers

If you know more, please share. This picture came from a neighbor:

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Anonymous said...

A store nearby had a surveillance video of it. I saw it. Car heading north on Rogers ran the red light and smashed into the white SUV which others had witnessed speeding very fast east on Maple St. The fact the SUV was speeding sent it toward the sidewalk much faster than it normally would have traveled. It jumped the curb, totally flattened the iron fence and after all that still crashed so hard into the brick facade the bricks are caved in around the door and dept of buildings evacuated the building until they could determine it wasn't structurally compromised. Imagine what would have happened if instead of brick there was a glass window there, whether an apartment or a store or cafe the SUV would have traveled all the way into the ground floor space.